From the Mind of a New Blogger….

As we start growing up, the very first thing that is instilled in our minds is how important it is to learn to read and write.

Reading and writing thus become the stepping stones toward education and ultimately to one’s success. Although in the course of time, I’ve written numerous essays and  scripted articles for school yearbooks and college magazines.

I’ve written plenty of letters to friends & family and at certain points in life also scripted personal diaries but the idea of blogging still gave me chills. As it is one thing to write a letter, an article or a prose which is almost always an anticipated situation but when I thought about starting to blog, there were millions of things running through my mind, most of which were negative.

Picking up the pen, letting the words flow through its tip on paper is easier but its equally nerve-wracking to publish it and make it publicly available on the web.

I kept thinking what if no one reads what I write? What if my writing isn’t appealing enough for readers to connect with it? Even worse, what if the readers don’t approve of my writing and criticize it as I know that my writing is mediocre to the third degree! And hence all the courage that I mustered to start blogging, I would use the same courage to turn off the computer and shut the thought out of my mind.

However, the more I pondered over it, I found asking myself  “What is there to lose ?” I might not receive appreciation for what I manage to write but is that what I am looking for? No! On the contrary, the more I write, the more I understand better the subject. The more I try and convert my ideas into words, I am one step closer to improving my language which is my mission.

Even now, every word that I write I consider it to be not read by anyone. It probably consists of mistakes but at least it helps me to overcome the fear of failure by not writing. It assists me to organize the thoughts in my head and pin them with time. And it most certainly helps me to have views and suggestions from readers which is what I’m looking for. After all, PRACTICE makes man PERFECT so why not practice and get perfect!!!

Happy writing till we meet next.

Until then, carpe diem! 🙂


© Asha Seth

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81 thoughts on “From the Mind of a New Blogger….

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  1. Even though we didn’t have a lot one thing my parents made sure we learned how to do was to read and write …they insisted on it and my sisters and I to this very day love to read and write ….

    I totally get what you are saying about what if no one reads it…when I started my sports blog I felt the same way, then some thing happened,,,people read it commented and it inspired two of my co workers to write blogs one about his view on sports and another on hiking . But as I mention to you before I am a fan of yours and love to read what you write.


    1. That’s fantastic. I mean your work inspiring your coworkers to write. One of my school friends follows my blog. We had lost connection for almost 15 years. And when she actually replied on one of my posts, man, was I happy!!
      Thank you for your words, you really are a star writer inspiring each and everyone to carry on with the journey.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s neither here nor there. And procrastinate, all of us do. What’s important is pulling up your socks and getting the words to flow once the phase is over.


  2. Ah Seems like my thoughts shared by you ! Wonderful article. I was afraid to write since now and now when I write I feel like t is the best thing to do.
    P.S Love your blog….. It is such an amazing place.


  3. I loved your point that what is there to lose in taking a new step forward or doing something that is adventures!! i also took it as a risky stuff to kick start my own blog but it is now getting successful! i am blessed that my lovely readers come up to my blog and invest their valuable time in me!


    1. Hi Anant, It is good to see to see you around here.
      If looked this way, the hurdle of new beginnings will seem as small as a grain of sand and hence make it easy to step over it. I tried to be courageous enough and glad you did too. Thats plenty motivation for future dreams. I’m so pleased to know that your blog is shining with your authentic writing style. And yes, with your work, who would not want to wait and peek! 🙂



    1. Thank you for sparing your precious time for reading through Priyank. Guess, it is true to all who have started new in this journey just like myself:-)

      Keep coming!



  4. It matters not what you write because your perception is your reality and we must understand that. If everyone felt this way there would be less conflict in our lives. Keep writing. We can all learn from everyones thoughts. Diversity in thoughts means new ideas.
    From a dream maker.


    1. Dear optimisticelectric,

      I am happy first to have found the way to your blog, your most optimistic blog. And pleased to see you here.

      And did you just call me a WRITER?? (Cant stop smiling! ;-))

      Talent and ME is still miles away from each other. I hope to reduce the distance though. Your words made my day! Thank you so much. 🙂 Glad to know you liked the post. Keep coming! 🙂



    1. Dear Shubham,

      So pleased to see you around here. And much happy to collect your warm words in my basket of treasures. Thank you so much. Keep coming around as I’ll do too! 🙂



  5. “Picking up the pen, letting the words flow through its tip on paper is easier but its equally nerve-wrecking to publish it and make it publicly available on the web….”

    i hope this is very true with every blogger… the delicacy of sharing with others the so-far personal musings… But its a gr8 open world & u finally end up enjoying it….

    have a wonderful blogging experience!!

    following ur lovely blog to hear more from you….




    1. Dear Rose,

      You are just as sweet as your name is. Pleased to see you stop by. I wanted to write something that everyone experiences at the start and wanted to do fair justice to it. I don’t know whether I managed that but at-least satisfied that I took that first step ahead.

      Keep coming and sharing your thoughts. They are ‘PRECIOUS’. 🙂



  6. Hey Asha…I want to tell you that I am very very glad that you found my blog because of which I found yours. To be honest, I am very choosy about what I read, and when I read a few articles on your blog I didn’t regret my choice. I have to say you write splendidly…and somehow I find my own voice in many of them…that’s why I said I found my dual in another comment. Nice work! I look forward to reading more of your blog.
    By the way this post of yours reminded me of my own post, very close to my heart:
    Thought you might like it! Happy reading!


    1. Dear Lopa,
      I do not remember if I wrote you earlier but here I do. Firstly, so glad you stopped by and I cant stop feeling elated at the thought that my words so resonate with your thoughts. Your words made me smile and I believe to get better at writing in the course of time. My words and your voice or vice-versa(as I loved your post you mentioned in the link) depicts how much we appreciate the idea of writing and sharing the same. You do some exquisite writing that seems to have stuck with my taste. Do I need to mention that in you, I’ve found my dual too?? 😉
      Keep coming! 🙂


  7. Really nice thoughts! You do not need to think to much about the other aspects of blogging, until you are doing good work with your blog; just like you are doing currently. Yes, readers are most important factors as they inspire us to continue with the process of writing. But when someone is doing good work, then she’s bound the get her share of appreciation and recognition. Best wishes to you and your blog, may you both get lot more appreciation with the time.


    1. Dear Arindam,

      Sorry for having replied late. And exponentially happy for your kind words that flow from your heart. Gives a boost to keep writing. Glad that you stopped by and read my piece of work. Hope to keep continuing the work I do and inspire minds to read and write further. Wishes more than appreciation is what I look for and having received that my day is made. Thank you so much once again. Keep coming! 🙂


  8. Congratulations for jumping in. It is a brave thing to do.

    “Writing is easy; all you do is sit staring at the blank sheet of paper until the drops of blood form on your forehead.” Gene Fowler


  9. Rightly pointed our Asha. I think the very thought of bringing out an all perfect article is a little overrated. The only way we can get good at things is by being wrong. The fear of trying to be perfect or bringing out the best plays its part in weighing down.

    After all writing is all about tat right? Letting oneself free 🙂


    1. Dear Vinay,
      So sorry for having replied late. I am happy for your time that you read this piece of my mind. And true as you said The heart to trial alone cancels the fear of failure and of course sets one free! Thank you for stopping by! Keep coming! 🙂


  10. You are so spot on with your thoughts here, I feel the same about writing….not only is it enlightening and freeing, it is also healing…..
    I wanted to thank you too for following my blog…. so glad to have you…..look forward to keeping up with yours too…..


    1. Guess that’s pretty much the same thought-process when you’re a starter and I thought of voicing the thoughts of many by writing it down. And I’m intending to keep blog-following you (smiling & winking)…!


“I love writing. I love the swirl and swing of words as they tangle with human emotions.” ― James A. Michener

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