In your eyes…

I don’t really remember when was the last time that I was away from her. Maybe when I was very little to even know what missing someone means.

But I’m sure it wasn’t for so long that every beat of my heart craves to see her again around me, casting that radiant smile shining my life.

She’s my mum, She’s away, not too far;  yet away…. Hence, I’ve planned to write to her. To tell her what it’s been like in her absence.

I know that many who read this particular blog might think why do I need to write to my mother that I’ve been missing her?

It happens with everyone that their mothers or fathers are not around. That people do live on their own and yet manage. That I can still call her on her phone and speak to her and tell her that I miss her. But I say it’d not be the same.

I’ve never really stayed away from my mum much. Besides, how can someone ever effectively express their feelings on the phone unless you look into that person’s eye and tell them how you feel? Emotions like love, care, affection need to be expressed and somehow I’m just not the person to do it over the phone.

So I pick up a pen and start writing down and this is what I’ve managed to write!

Not having you here makes me realize what I’m missing and hence I ‘ve scripted this piece of writing to let you know how much I regret to not have valued your existence in my life so far. I’ve heard they say ‘You don’t miss the water until it’s gone‘  and it’s now that I realize what exactly that means. So I don’t want to make it any late than this. To use every word that there possibly is, to express how blessed I feel for having you…

I wish you were here right now so that I could read this bit of my heart to you while I look in your eyes and tell you this…

Have I ever told you how much more I see in your eyes…
How much more than what you show…
How much more there is for me …


In your eyes
I see you never want to leave me
In your eyes
I see you’ll love me eternally
In your eyes
I see how beautiful the world is
In your eyes
I see that by my side is where you’ll always be
In your eyes
I see how little can problems be
In your eyes
I see how strong I need to be
In your eyes
I see what it means to feel special
In your eyes
I see what it means to not be artificial
In your eyes
I see all of your sacrifices for me
In your eyes
I see how blissful a smile can be
In your eyes
I see your happiness through your tears
In your eyes
I see your faith that never wears
In your eyes
I see how comforting a hug can be
In your eyes
I see how affectionate a kiss can be
In your eyes
I see how much you miss me when I’m not around
In your eyes
I see the trust that’s seldom found
In your eyes
I see the desire of never losing me
In your eyes
I see the hope of making the best of me
In your eyes
I see the unconditional forgiveness
In your eyes
I see the inspirational graciousness
In your eyes
I see the light that shines my life!
In your eyes
I see a person that’s all mine!

Mum, You are the best thing God could’ve blessed me with.
And on bent knees, I pray to God to keep you in my life forever… every night I ask this from him!
To keep you safe and bless you with his grace!
And  If ever death comes to put us apart, I’d ask God to put me first so that you live a thousand years more while you make this world a better place to be in…!

Your daughter who’s been missing you.

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  1. I’m sure there’s not a parent alive who would hate to see something like this from one of their children. If only more children felt this way about their parents, perhaps the world would come to know better understanding for others, as well as respect.


    1. Thank you dear Husted! Appreciate and abide by your reasoning and thought process on the subject matter. And of course, only if we knew to love and respect the precious things amidst us rather than looking for them out on the streets, it’d be rather easier to see ourselves happier. 🙂


“I love writing. I love the swirl and swing of words as they tangle with human emotions.” ― James A. Michener

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