Possessed by Books!

You are possessed!” said my old friend Rachel (I’ll tell you about her some other time). She satirically accused me of being possessed and that I should seek remedy. Well, what could I say? Very subtly I replied, “Yes; I guess, I am possessed.” After all, an old friend, who’s lived the times with you, is the one who knows you better than anyone else in the world. You’ll understand later after having read this piece of writing how true I was while I admitted of being ‘Possessed’.

Thousands of creepy ideas take control of your head as soon as this one word sneaks into your ears – ‘Possessed’.

Myriad cases of possession can be found when researched on the subject. Possession with demons & spirits, possession with fantasies & desires, possession with emotions & feelings, possession with memories & moments, material & immaterial possessions, etc. etc. etc.

When I hear the word ‘Possession’, the first thing that comes to my mind is one of my most favorite movies – Exorcist. The one which portrays the demonic possession of a 12-year old girl and her mother’s desperate attempts to outcast the infliction.

However, this time, it was about me being possessed as accentuated by her and it sure as hell got me thinking.

So, upon asked what the symptoms of being possessed were, this is what Rachel tangibly listed:

  • A person who reads consistently for hours
  • A person who reads more than just a couple of books at a time
  • A person who reads while standing on a crowded platform waiting for the train to arrive
  • A person who chews on one bite of a burger for minutes together just because they are amidst reading
  • A person who reads while they brush their teeth
  • A person who reads while struggling to gain balance in a jam-packed bus
  • A person who is indifferent to the world around them
  • A person who reads while they’re walking down the street
  • A person who reads between breaths just because they’re so engrossed in the plot that they cannot afford to put the book down
  • A person who had read a book more than a couple dozen times and still re-reads it as its one of his/her favorite books
  • A person who forgets hunger and thirst because they need to finish reading an important novel
  • A person who reschedules dates because they got to attend a seminar conducted by one of their favorite authors
  • A person who doesn’t in the least, mind striking a conversation with a stranger just because they want to check the book the stranger is reading
  • A person who escapes silly conversations and banters and rather buries himself/herself between the pages of their books
  • A person who reads inside covers at night with the help of the flashlight from the mobile phone
  • A person who purchases books non-stop
  • A person who always has a book with them no matter when and where
  • A person who wakes up sleeping on one of their books as they slept over it while reading
  • A person who can talk for hours on books and their favorite authors

And so on and so forth, encompassing everything that has to do with books and reading.

Oh, my! Did I ever give that a thought??

But I guess that is something only your best friend notices. So, thinking about it now, it is incredibly true. I do show all of these symptoms and somehow I feel elated. I feel blissfully happy and not sick and I’m sure so does every other book-lover. And therefore my answer to Rachel’s question was a “YES” even before I knew what it was about.

I am possessed” with books and reading. Are you possessed too?

-Asha Seth