How many books do you read at a time?

How many books do you read at a time?

I read almost 3-4 books at one time on an variable average which is generally a blend of paper-backs, e-books, audio-books etc.(Is there any other means left?) 😉
Because for me, Reading one book is like eating one chip. You never feel satisfied!

-Asha Seth

8 Replies to “How many books do you read at a time?”

    1. Irresistible question.
      It’s great fun to lose count of all my books at once. Some a day, some every day, some for moods. About 50, maybe. About 8 in my book back, Ten or so in progress just on this pink smartphone, different ones on laptop, in cd players is house, cars, shop, office, bed side, on desk, laying out on shelf, waiting on table, on a footstool near the bean bag in the corner, nooking booking areas. Lot’s going on in each. : ) Sometimes, I sit by the bookshelf and take out whatever book strikes my fancy for color, or thickness, or memories, or thinness, to laugh, or to read aloud a part to my sister or my daughter, or or longing to engage, or fly, and read just a paragraph of each, sorta like checking in.
      I’m used to it, so I like to check in with my fav blog writers, too.
      Making new friends with Living Books.


  1. You never feel satisfied and one leads to the other…automatically. Don’t know if you think so too, but I feel e-books are not very satisfying either. I have to read things in print, e-books simply don’t give a same level satisfaction.


    1. Acceding your views, I feel the same way about e-books. Nevertheless, I read through them while at work when I want to sneak for a few minutes from the microsoft derivatives and need a breather! 😉


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