It’s been 25 years. 25 years now that I am associated with this word – HOPE. A really long time if you ask me. The other day after my 25th birthday my mum said

It’s hard to believe that you are now 25 years old.  Seems it was just yesterday when I and your father celebrated your first birthday.

Well, what can I say?  Moments like such leave you wanting to say something. Anything. But what?

Over these 25 years, I’ve seen the world around me change right before my eyes.  I’ve changed. People around me have changed.  Parents, friends, changed. Habits changed. Hobbies changed. But one thing did not change and never will. Something that will remain with me till my last breath. And that’s my name.

It was the first day at school and for homework, the teacher asked all the students to find out what their names meant. Somehow I am sure that at that age it must not have made much sense. Thinking about it now, it seems sensible as hell. It is imperative to know oneself before starting to learn life’s lessons. And our names have a life-long impact on us.

Back in that year, on that day, I learnt what my name meant.

Asha. A small four letter word. Simple. Sweet.

Hope. A small four letter word. Simple. Sweet.

Asha means Hope. Hope means Asha (when translated in my national language – Hindi).

At times, when fate has been hard on me, when I have started to lose patience and feel that it’s the end now, my name itself has been a boost of faith and self-confidence. A vast supply of positive energy to face days ahead.

This little word has imparted a deep meaning to my life. The faith I hold. My beliefs. My courage. My strength. The HOPE for good times.

My name is like my natural refill of hope in life. Like my personal sanctuary of positivity that helps me live through myriads of tricky situations in life.

There are times when there is nothing left but hope. A thread of hope if held securely can lead you out of various unnerving difficulties. It doesn’t help lessen the trouble and pain but definitely makes them seem weaker. It makes you believe in having faith when the going gets tough. Hope is all one should hope to have when everything else seems to have lost. Makes life much easier and simpler

Given a thought, I guess that’s all one needs. When everything else seems to end, there still is hope. Always.

So, the word ASHA is a word which is not just my name but a word linked to each and every one of us. In the form of HOPE.

-Asha Seth

30 thoughts on “Hope

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  1. A lovely name and a lovely post Asha.
    I was named after the Saint Peter and it’s meaning is rock or stone. My mother is of Irish decent and a Roman Catholic so being named after the first Pope was a natural choice I guess! 🙂


  2. Asha, thank you for leading me to this post and yes, you and I certainly do share the belief that without hope we have nothing. I have always said that one of things I fear losing the most would be the loss of all hope. I’ve come close, believe me. But my faith sustains me and gives me strength…and hope! Asha…hope…beautiful writing, beautiful lady…be blessed 🙂


  3. Asha.. a hope.. a ray of light when everything seems to be lost… yes a hope is all we need to achieve, to progress in our lives… I must say you have defines your name so beautifully Asha… 🙂 I think even your parents would have have not thought about it so deeply… 🙂 congratulations for giving me a ray of hope. While reading thru ur Hope, i got some hope to fight back, to stand still during those dark days… Thanks you! Love- Pratiksha


    1. Much thanks dear. Strange how a few words can magically transform your dull day into a bright one! I’m smiling!

      Keep coming!



  4. Hi…thanks for a surprise visit to my blog which led me to ur’s…
    I like ur blog thought…Keep writing & “Asha” in whatever u do…as;
    Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul; sings the tunes without the words and never stops at all.. 🙂


        1. Dear Arpit,

          Well, creativity is what I lack too as you must have noticed that my writing is full of fatuity as it is. But it is your patience that I admire. Your presence is all that inspires me to keep writing and that I will do. Let this space be shining with your love and appreciation. Keep coming! 🙂



  5. Hi Asha! First of all I would like to thank you for visiting my blog – happy you liked Bookfinda post and It’s really nice to meet you – you have such a beautiful name and such interesting blog! Let’s stay in touch!


    1. Dear Soumya,
      Thank you once again. It is a good feeling to know that some way or the other you are connected to everyone out and around.
      So glad to see you around again.:-)
      Keep coming!


  6. Hope is indeed one of the most important and powerful things around! Love and hope… and they’re both four-letter words too! Then again, so is Xbox.

    Anyway, you have a good name then – cherish it!


    1. Dear Drewpan,

      Yes ironically, most strong emotions end up being four-lettered.
      Hope.Love.Hate.Kind. and of course XBOX!! 😉
      Thank you so much for stopping by. Keep coming. 🙂


  7. Nice post! In Malayalam, “Asha” means Desire. More correctly the feel for desire!
    Yes, Names do not change (generally!), but what changes is its meaning. When you were born, Asha meant something for you and your parents. Soon Asha became part of your relatives life. Once you joined School, Asha became part of a lot more people. Then over the years, all the way upto college life, more and more people came to know about Asha. Once you joined the blogging world, the name Asha went global .Once you get married (if you plan to), then a new name gets attached with “Asha” marking the beginning of a new path in life And in future, everything what you do, everything you achieve, will have one common factor, which no one will forget-Your Name!! It never change,but it defines who you are. 🙂


    1. Dear Shibin,
      Excellently scripted by you. True to the core. Your name defines a lot about who you are!
      So glad you stopped by and spared you time reading it.
      Keep coming!


“I love writing. I love the swirl and swing of words as they tangle with human emotions.” ― James A. Michener

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