Counting Minutes

It is difficult to forget those few moments when you are COUNTING MINUTES
for something to happen, when you are waiting for something impatiently.
All of us have encounters with numerous such moments
Desperately waiting.

Instances like these,

When a husband is waiting outside a maternity ward…COUNTING MINUTES
When a wife is waiting at the airport for her soldier husband’s arrival…COUNTING MINUTES
When a son is waiting to reach home to his dying mother…COUNTING MINUTES
When a student expecting 1st grade in boards is waiting…COUNTING MINUTES
When a candidate is expecting interview outcome from his dream company…COUNTING MINUTES
When an officer is counting on a promotion…COUNTING MINUTES
When I am waiting for a new release from my favorite author…COUNTING MINUTES
When you are awaiting a call from your sweetheart…COUNTING MINUTES
When your eyes are glued to the TV sets watching a INDIA-PAKISTAN cricket match in the last deciding over…COUNTING MINUTES
When you are expecting your name to be announced for an award…COUNTING MINUTES
                                                                                 When I am waiting for that hour when I can write a post on WP…COUNTING MINUTES

And the list goes on and you might as well like to add a few of your personal experiences.
Irrespective of what the consequences of our much awaitedness is,
those few moments when we are COUNTING MINUTES seem to be such that our life depends on them.

The outcome might be pleasant, might be disheartening.
Might be dream-achieving, might be absolutely depressing.
Might be motivating, might be hopes-shattering.

Yet, those moments when we are COUNTING MINUTES seem to have
the dying effect of panic and anxiety and render us intolerably helpless.
Making it difficult to breathe. Like something choking our insides.
Life comes to an absolute halt for a few minutes.

It is unbelievably strange that in those few inexplicable moments,
seconds seem like hours and minutes like ages.
And gradually, time stops.
It is one of those few instances in life when it feels as though
the hands of the clock have come to an abrupt halt.
And time refuses to move on. Mocking at our perilous plight.

Life is a bunch of such moments.
A collection of such circumstances.
A pack of such extracts of time
when we are doing anything but COUNTING MINUTES.

would you like to share some of your personal experiences
when you’ve been antsy beyond measure, COUNTING MINUTES ?

Come. Share. I’d love to read them.

– Asha Seth

24 thoughts on “Counting Minutes

Add yours

    1. Wow. That’s a bloody brilliant one. Reminded me of the time I got married. Although we don’t walk an aisle in Indian weddings but that wait before finally setting eyes on your loved one is such a special experience.

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  1. You are an excellent writer and very gifted Asha. More to the point, you care about what you are writing about, Thank you for that. It is a pleasure to visit your blog, which is also exceedingly well done. Penny :).


  2. Interesting read! You talk about these special moments – moments that would probably have one gripped with nostalgia as one looks back. Unfortunately, memorable as they are, for most people, they are rather few and far between. I wrote a piece some time back on the simpler pleasures that life offers. ( Maybe you’ll be interested in giving it a glance.

    By the way, I am quite impressed with your style of writing… will surely come back for more 🙂


    1. Thank you so much for the tag dreamtheimmpossible (whats your name dear?)
      I haven’t got around writing a post on this yet but will sooner.

      Good luck and wishes to you dear! 🙂



  3. Counting minutes when she says: ” mai thori der me call karti hun ”
    countings minutes when vacation doesn’t pass
    counting minutes when the lectures are long
    counting minutes when the bus is late…
    Really an unending list.
    Different people different minutes.


    1. Hi Rahul,

      Thank you for stopping by and most importantly for sharing your ideas and experiences. I enjoyed reading and relating to each of them. Especially, “counting minutes when the lectures are long”..! 😉

      Keep coming 🙂



  4. I would say if you’re counting minutes, you have become too dependent on outcomes and lost your mystical connection with the NOW or the SUCHNESS of life. If there is something you can do to alter the outcome of whatever you’re waiting for, then you should do it. If there isn’t, then you’re wasting time and energy better spent on something else. An attitude of acceptance is the key that unlocks the door to all unhappiness/worry/anxiety. Accept the outcome, no matter what it is.Meanwhile look inside yourself and around your environment to see what you can NOW while you wait for whatever it is that seems so important..


    1. Dear leewriter, so true and so concise as your words are, sometimes, there is nothing you can hold on to but wait, desperate, helpless..! And of course, sometimes, you cannot turn the scheme of events as they unfold in front of your eyes but accept them as they are.

      I much enjoyed your flow of thoughts. More power to your words. 🙂
      Keep coming!



  5. Great post so many ideas exploding in my head. I will the minutes away at work, of course and also waiting for certain friends, the special ones you NEED to spend as much time with as possible. The beginning of a world cup of FA cup final, the build up, the roar of the crowd just before the kick off is intense.

    Finally the most important one, when you have an idea for a post but no writing material, no phone, nothing with which to make a note of your absolutely brilliant thoughts. That is a killer as well. Very thought provoking post. Love it.


    1. Welcome always as you are StetotheJ..:-) It is astonishing to come across similar facts of life as you listed them. Especially, “when you have an idea for a post but no writing material, no phone, nothing with which to make a note of your absolutely brilliant thoughts.” Loved it. So glad you shared them. And of course, your words as powerful as a sword, keep motivating to keep writing.

      Keep coming 🙂



    1. Hey dear applepieandnapalm(what is your name dear?)… so glad to see you around here. Sorry for replying late. But your words just made my day! Much happiness to you!



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