Change is Good

Change is the only thing that is Constant, they say. It’s inevitably omnipresent. But I ask, “Really?”

Of late, I don’t seem to experience anything new around me. No change at all. Or maybe, I am just oblivious to Change. Knowing me, I’d go with the latter.

Yes, so I am lost in my own little world! Yes, so I have  transformed into that self-centered person who’s stopped giving a damn to the happenings around me. But who cares? I am busy. My Neighbors are busy. My Dog is busy. The World is busy. Period.

Maybe I have stopped noticing the world around me. Maybe I walk closed-eyed which is why I fail to see and witness things that change with every minute, every moment. And I remember one of my favorite quotes. One that Paulo Coelho said in THE ALCHEMIST,

“When each day is the same as the next, it’s because people fail to recognize the good things that happen in their lives every day that the sun rises.”

And I am thinking. Well, it is not that I disregard the blessings that each bright day confers upon me. No! Then where does the problem lie?

And I quickly find my index finger rising and pointing up at BOREDOM. Yes! I say, HE is the PROBLEM. I think I am just bored. And the fact that life is taking a  monotonous route is what is getting me bored. No change. Nothing new.  Just the same old things each day, every day. Now, I think I seriously need some change, some serious Change.

Talking about Change, I know no one has ever escaped him remaining untouched, but there are times when you get accustomed to Change and start to feel absolutely dreary. Dull as a dishwasher.

So yes, I am bored of, well, quite a lot of things. The list really is endless.

From waking up the same time to jogging at the same hour.

From taking the same train to work to walking down the same lane.

From talking the same way each day to looking the same way each hour.

and so on….

And I decided, it is time. For a Change. A Change for good. For me and for others around me. So, I changed certain habits. Take a look!

 For a change, I now wake up at SEVEN rather than SIX. For a change, I’ve started to street-jog rather than in my regular Joggers Park. For a change, I now take different routes to work to have a view of different things. I have started to have COFFEE and not TEA. I now leave my hair loose rather than typing them up in a high pony. I SMILE A LOT and cringe my brows a little less. I have started practicing BEING LEFT-HANDED(I am RIGHT-HANDED). I have started reading AUDIO-BOOKS a lot rather than the usual PAPER-BOOKS. CLASSICS rather than ROMANCE or MYSTERY. The practice is still on.

I know you might say it is not much. Just silly little things. Yet.

I intend to keep adding such little things to my TO-BE-CHANGED shelf.

Wait a second, did I just forget to add my ATTITUDE to this list? I guess it is my Attitude, off-late, that needs some serious Change. I guess, after a while, I will start to fall bored of these newly made changes too.

Yes, I guess, for a Change,  I must Change my Attitude towards life. That should do the trick, isn’t it? What do you think?

-Asha Seth

32 thoughts on “Change is Good

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  1. I think nothing in my life is the same like before and I am always adjusting to change whether it is a new job or a new assignment on the current job or the fact I work two jobs or the fact I have new people in my life to replace those who have left …but it is about keep perpective on change is constant and one thing we can court on


  2. ” I SMILE A LOT and cringe my brows a little less.” – This was the best change and certainly doesn’t require change. And yes, changing attitude towards life would certainly do the trick, provided it is on the positive front.. So, go on, enjoy the little changes and be happy. You post does bring a smile over my face too.. That indicates you write truthfully and it touches the heart directly.. Keep it up!!


    1. Dear snow,

      Your words are most delightful and valuable too.
      Thank you for finding my blog and sparing your precious time for reading my writing. I haven’t visited your blog yet but will do soon.

      I’m glad the post made you smile. Reminds me of one of my most fav quotes,

      “It is blissful to see someone SMILE. But it is divine to know YOU are the reason behind that smile.”

      You just made my day! Have a smileful day yourself, dear snow. 🙂

      Much love to you! Keep coming!



  3. Thank you for this important post. I agree that ambitious and gifted people need a path for a change to have satisfaction and productiveness instead of boredom and suppression that may happen due to monotonous life. The start point is always self respect, inner vision and contentedness. Reading about the success stories of great people may help us to inspire these qualities. I think that we have control on our feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment. Simply, when we say if we were like that we would do this way, this pure intention is, accordingly, sufficient to either raise us so high or dip us so down. So, in a glimpse we have landed on the moon or flown over the clouds or even have fallen down and get mudded to the hands according to the way we think in and the intentions and values we have.
    Congratulations for your new theme and avatar 🙂


  4. Hi Supriya,
    Its been long, How’ve you been? So sorry that you had to track the way to my blog owing to the link change. But guess that’s a part of the CHANGE! 😉 Thank you for your king-size warm words.

    Keep coming!



    1. Hi Shri,
      Thank you for the recommendation. And yes, I read it just after I posted this one. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. So much more to CHANGE.

      Cheers! 😉



  5. Totally agree, sometimes the biggest quandary in life is to either opt to routine or flexibility. This remains a mystery to me myself, so I wouldn’t be able to provide you with satisfactory answer. I suppose in the end what matters is which brings more happiness to us.

    And, on a different note, for a change you have changed your Gravatar profile into this new one. This is no less adorably cute than the other one, so that’s something to be happy about. 🙂

    Subhan Zein
    # PS: I will resend you the email I was telling you about tomorrow morning. I hope this is fine with you..
    PPS: I noticed the change of the blog name before reading the post and thought whether that was your birthday 😉


    1. Hi Subhan,
      Its nice to see you stop-by. And yes, “sometimes the biggest quandary in life is to either opt to routine or flexibility. ” Somehow, I agree with it.
      Oh wow! glad to know the new Gravatar makes you happy. 🙂
      And yes, you are invariably smart, that indeed is my DOB. 😉
      Keep coming.
      P.S.: I finally received your email. Much Thanks. Will revert sooner.


  6. What an inspiring post Asha! I love the quote you mentioned from the Alchemist. I also love CHANGE! And here you’ve shown us that we’re all capable of making small changes the take a big impact. Great post!


    1. Hi Dear Kavi,
      Delighted to see you here. I visited your blog sometime last week and was awe-inspired.

      Yes, the quote is a beautiful one. I love it. Glad you do too. And it is good to know you are so open-hearted and willing to accept CHANGE. It will seldom ever get you sad or depressed. Unlike me.

      Happy to know you approve of the post. Keep coming.



    1. Hi Heidi,
      Good to see you here. And I have added it on my TBR pile now. Thanks for recommending. I intend to read it sooner and get much more out of it.

      Keep coming dear. 🙂



    1. Dear sagedoyle,
      Sorry for replying late. And I am much glad you stopped-by here. Its good to see you keep coming.
      Congratulations for the stars and hearty thanks for sharing them with me. My blog is suddenly so much more brighter. 😉
      Will write a post sooner.

      Keep coming! 🙂



    1. Hi J,
      Its been long before I could acknowledge your warm presents. Firstly, I’m wondering, do I really deserve these? I doubt! But that at this point in time my happiness knows no bounds, so let me heartily thank you for awarding me with such precious awards. Definitely inspires me to keep going at it.

      I was supposed to write a post on the awards last weekend but couldn’t. Hoping to do so sooner.

      Congratulations and much thanks once again.
      Keep coming J. 🙂



    2. You definitely deserve many awards, I don’t tend to give them or acknowledge them as much anymore so treasure the moment lol. But seriously, you do great work and everyone knows it!


  7. I think that our mind, and anybody in this world has one, likes the steady state. But then we go for kicks, like going out and party, sex-drugs-and-rock&roll, tourism or benjee jumping, … etc. to cut boredom.
    Our daily chores should be service to others, for some reward. They have to be done, but are not the centre of our being. Our mind clings to it. And there is nothing wrong with structure, but the clinging itself is wrong cause it inhibits change, or at least the perception of change.
    In the end, we are not in control of the most important things in life: Love, Health, Birth, Death, Children, Family.
    Other beings, communication and interaction is important. And, the discovery of the inner self, beyond mind, can be seen as one of the least boring undertakings.

    Have a great sunday


    1. Brilliantly expressed Bert. I agree with your thoughts especially this,
      “In the end, we are not in control of the most important things in life: Love, Health, Birth, Death, Children, Family.”

      If only all of us understood this.

      Keep coming Bert. 🙂



    1. It took a lot of time to realise what the problem was LouAnn. But I am glad I did. Your words are so powerfully motivating always. Let them keep flowing around here.



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