When Relationships Die…

What do you do, When Relationships Die…
When suddenly you are just an acquaintance
to those who are an integral part of your life!
When you are made to realize that your existence isn’t valued anymore!
When you are made to believe that the good times you shared were nothing but passing time!
When you are zapped to reality and made to see the true face of relationships!
When askance your little world is reduced to half because
you now know it was just surrounded by people you assumed to be your FRIENDS!

What do you do, When Relationships Die…

Do you feel aghast and hurt or you feel betrayed and enraged?
Do you try and convince yourself that it doesn’t really matter
when its all you are actually thinking about?
Do you pick up the pieces of your crushed heart
and live with it each day for the rest of your life?
Do you blame yourself for having high regard for them or
you curse them for turning inconsiderate with time?
Do you live off building false assumptions for yourself just so
it doesn’t prick your heart each time you think of them?
And even if you do,
Does it really help?
To forget them. To wipe off the memories. To stitch up the wounds.
To hide away the scars. To flush them out of your life. Clueless!
What do you do, When Relationships Die…
– Asha Seth

17 thoughts on “When Relationships Die…

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  1. I guess for me it’s about the lessons that I learned while in that relationship that I can take forward with me through life. Some people are in your life for a reason, some for a season and then there is one who is the keeper.


  2. I had a first relationship in my entire and it does sucks because I dont know what to do. I am trying to get myself believe that it is still okay!….


  3. Accept it.

    Telling this after personally going through it. It can destroy your confidence and shatter you in a worst possible way, but after a time you do realize that you cant do anything but accept it and get going. Life waits for no one.


  4. We digest. Often slowly, sometimes with relief. Looking at what was right, what is past and has to be grown out. Looking at what we did wrong, and how we could improve ourselves. Looking at a future when this will all be forgotten.
    Thinking of the most important sentence in life: “This too will pass”
    Nobody gets used to the pain of saying goodbye.
    Emotions make us human.
    I’m having a hard time myself asking these questions these days, but in my case, the end might be near, or it might still be very far, there is still space for repair, or perhaps not …


    1. Your words are ample knowledge based on what looks like experience to me, dear Bert. I loved how typically you framed these golden words,
      Thinking of the most important sentence in life: “This too will pass”
      So true. So powerful.
      I take this away from you today and as you said, there always is room for repair! I too believe in it!

      It is always good to see you stop Bert. Keep coming!



  5. When a child learns to walk, it falls down many a time. It then has two choices, either stay fallen and cry, or cry a bit and then try again. Its the second choice that helps him to learn to walk. And soon he simply forgets the falls. But he learns to walk only after knowing what caused his fall in the first place. Though its much tougher in this case, yet every broken relationship gives us a chance to ponder where we went wrong (yes WE, coz we cant change the other person), and then yes – we sew up the tattered pieces of our heart and walk ahead and find someone else to give that heart again!

    just to share:



    Best of luck – dont worry you will find many journey mates in your venture !


    1. Brilliant analogy, Indrajit. I liked the way you connected it. Moreso the fact that you waited and let your words flow around here. Thanks much and yes, we find new friends and new mates but we still miss them, the ones who changed.



      1. U bet we do – no matter how much we try or how much water passes below the bridge we continue to remember and miss. But time and life do have many more beautiful things to offer. And most of the times they turn out to be better one! Like how I found after many turns in my life.


        1. I try to hold on to your words of inspiration and hope that makes life seem beautiful yet. And yes, did I just forget all the things life has offered which makes it seem worthwhile? Maybe I did! Thanks again Indrajit!



  6. A tough question and no easy way to deal with it except to know that at one time or another we have all been faced with this disappointment–I guess we learn from it and are more careful in our choices–easy to say, hard to do–my thoughts are with you (hugs)


    1. Yes, a lesson learnt. To be more careful in the choices we make. Glad you stopped-by LouAnn! Thanks much dear.

      Love to you!


            1. Well, it just feels that learning never ends. And with my naive self, I know there’s a long way to go yet. Thanks LouAnn! You are a kind heart! 🙂



“I love writing. I love the swirl and swing of words as they tangle with human emotions.” ― James A. Michener

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