No Dream is Too Big

Have you ever dreamt of achieving something that your heart always longed for?
And then at one point in time, after much longing,
you gave up the dream because you convinced your heart
that your dream is never going to be true
because it is too big to be achieved?
It’s time to re-think. Re-dream.
Grab the desire that you let go. No dream is too big.

No matter what – Dream. Never stop. You are not the one who quits.
Don’t give a damn about what people think. That’s not for you to care.
The power in dreams is boundless. You won’t know it unless you’ve ventured the world of dreams. It is almost as powerful as magic.
Now, you do believe in magic, don’t you?
It is going to be difficult for you to believe in magic, if for you, it has only existed in Harry Potter movies. Magic is way beyond than just watching people flying on brooms or making things happen with the wave of a stick. So is dreaming. For me, dreaming is like watching magic happen.
We see all sorts of things happen around us when we dream, things we’d never think of.
From the tiniest wish to the gigantic desire of your heart, dreams make everything seem possible.
Then whether that is climbing the tallest peak in the world or something as simple as learning to swim.
Dreams make you believe that no dream is too big to be achieved and it is true as long as you believe in it.

Sometimes I wonder what it would be like if we lived a life devoid of dreams?
No dreams. No wishes. No hopes. How plain would life seem?
Dreams color our rather dull lives. Without dreams, it would have been so difficult to live life through each day.
Just imagine, for a second. Build a fake situation in your mind and say,
I know it is going to be just another day tomorrow with same mundane activities.
Trust me, you just made the day as difficult as it could get.
And not just for you but for everyone around you. The frown you wear will turn off a lot of smiles on faces around you. This is only because you are too tired with life to expect anything new.
And there is a rather strong reason for this. It is not that you haven’t tried.
You have. You’ve dreamt each day, every waking moment. Hoped that someday your dreams will come true.
In the smallest corner of your heart you’ve held onto that dwindling hope.
But fate has been mercilessly killing that hope. So then what do you do?
Do you stop dreaming? Do you stop hoping?
I don’t think so.

You start afresh. Take an example.
When you are writing, by the time you reach the end of the page you are tired.
Sometimes because of what you’ve poured in ink over the paper, sometimes with how much you’ve poured.
But as soon as you turn the page to the next one, there is a renewed bit of joy.
The tiniest bit. But there is. Trust me I go through that each time I sit down to write.
Likewise, when you keep refilling the jar of life with fresh new dreams, the sadness of persevering through old unaccomplished ones fades.
Life somehow seems much easier to live through another day and the next. And that becomes possible only because of the positivity that your dreams fill your mind with.
They make you see and believe that anything is possible. Absolutely anything!

It was just the other day; I’d dreamt that I was cliff-jumping.
If you have been following my blog, you’ll know that I am alto-phobic.
I, therefore live by a dream that I’d go cliff-jumping some day just to kill that fear. Watching this happen in my dream, made me believe that maybe it is not that difficult after all.
That I’d still survive if I go cliff-jumping in reality although it scares me to death.
For a girl like me, that is a dream too big to come true due to my fear of heights.
There are many others.
To own a house is one big dream I constantly ruminate about.
It seems impossible to an extent that I almost nearly give it up.
But then haven’t we always heard that,
Dreams come true only for those who are fearless enough to dream.
Those who don’t dream itself, how can they expect anything?

Dreaming big and hoping for them to come true is not just a fairy-tale idea.
But to make it happen, you must also have enough faith.
Work hard and persevere through thick and thin.
But never give up.
Think of that time when one of your dreams had turned true.
Almost like magic.
And the immense happiness it got you.
After all, even that was supposed to be a dream too big, isn’t it?

Asha Seth

27 thoughts on “No Dream is Too Big

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  1. I don’t know about any other place, but this particular space of yours is definitely going to be the one I would keep on visiting my entire life. ❤
    There are many pieces of yours, just like this one, which I can go through again and again, and just cannot get enough of them. It's like every time I read them, they charge me. This post, yet again, charged me to hold onto my dreams. 🙂
    My personal favorite was –
    After all, even that was supposed to be a dream too big, isn’t it?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This is such an inspiring post! Very well-written; your words flow like a river. I also much agree with you and that is why my main and simple motto is: ‘Follow your dreams.” Big or not, you have to believe in them, trust in yourself and have faith that one day, despite all the ups and downs, you’ll reach that dream of yours!


  3. I am so happy to have an opportunity to discover, explore and Follow your blog. looks like you have an interesting blog here.


  4. Missed you Asha!!!! As usual your considered words are excellent and make me happy, you inspire me to go an do something….all I have to figure out now is the dream which I wish to pursue, perhaps the writing after all….


    1. Missed you J. Well, I guess you should pursue a dream that makes you come around here often. 😉
      As for me, I am pursuing a dream of reading all the books you read and write about. Wish me luck.



  5. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a wonderful blog that you’ve written. I equate dreams with hope, hope that you can achieve or experience something that you’ve thought would really be cool, fun, exhilerating, enlightening, etc. Hope keeps us sane. Without hope that today will be different, exciting, interesting, intriguing, funny, life changing or whatever, we’d be on the verge of suicide. Without hope that your life has meaning and that it could change for the better, one either kills one self or uses drugs and/or alcohol to shield one’s self from hopelessness. My dear wife of almost 20 years, Amy, slowly committed suicide by drinking heavily every day for over a decade. She died in November 2006 because her internal organs were so heavily damaged from alcohol that they ceased to function. I was in a similar situation about a month later when I was suffering alcohol-withdrawal symptoms (i.e. – voices in my head, insomnia, confusion). I survived, mostly because I envisioned (dreamed?) that my life could become better if I had the right attitude.


  6. Dreams are great starting place but if you’re serious about achieving something, (e.g. – I want to be a super successful writer/author/screenwriter), at some point, you need to change your internal wording. I used to dream about being a bestselling author or selling one of my movie scripts. Now instead of a dream, it’s a GOAL. Dreams make it sound like your probability of achieving whatever you’re dreaming about very small. When you turn a dream into a GOAL, that brings the reality closer.


  7. Great post, Asha! Well-accentuated ideas and flows fluidly. Well done! 🙂 I guess at times when mind falters, it is your heart that gives power to enable you continue pursuing our dream.

    It is your heart that tells you what invites your soul to dance and what makes your mind laugh in joy,

    It is your heart that awakens your soul in the morning to blow the feathers of your dreams.


  8. I was just talking to my kids today about this–that they always must have a dream. We talked about how some dreams might be unachievable (like running a 4 minute mile when their body isn’t built like some others who have those runner bodies and lungs), but if they make reasonable goals that are hard and take work to achieve, and give their all to achieve that goal…and then make new ones once those are accomplished, they will always be growing and becoming the best they can be. Dreams are the inspiration we need to become better than we are.


  9. Fantastic blog! I equate dreams with HOPE. Dreams keep our hopes alive so that we’re motivated to do the things necessary to make it possible to achieve our dreams. But I believe at some point one must change their mindset so your dream becomes a GOAL. Dream makes it sound too improbable that you’LLC ever make it happen. Being a successful writer used to be my dream. Now it’s my goal.


    1. Nice thought to forward my idea. Thanks Lee. Appreciate. You’ll see you’ll be an amazing writer in no time. My wishes accompany your goal.



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