No Mood To Write

So it’s time for my favorite part of the year – Monsoons. And surprisingly, while there is so much I can write, I actually am in no mood to write. I am enjoying the weather as after much waiting we finally have some relief from the blazing sun. The last couple of weeks seemed like stepping out the house and stepping into a furnace. Thanks to Mumbai summer and the extremities of it.

But summer days are gone and now we have monsoons. I would have loved to share some beautiful pictures but guess another time. I am just too lazy today. And of course, the weather’s so good that I’m in no mood to write. Knowing myself, I’d have preferred to sit back with a book and a cup of nice hot ginger tea. But I choose to stray from my customary habit.

I am sharing a quote that’s top of my mind – the pleasure one gets in enjoying little precious things that come for absolutely no cost.


So while I can, I am heading out for a walk in the rains. Hope you enjoy your day too no matter which part of the world you are.

-Asha Seth

23 thoughts on “No Mood To Write

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  1. We would have a nice meander and you can show me all the sites. I shall hold the umbrella then and be the perfect gentlemen, lead me where you will my good friend. I did a bit of a blush there lol,


    1. Of course, but also be ready to get a little drenched as I might close the umbrella from not wanting to hurt your hand holding it.
      P.S.: The blush was perfectly intentional. I’m glad it worked.


  2. I love posts like this, the reflective sort where you just write whatever comes to mind, no stress. Being a Monday it wasn’t the most fun, weather wise was good though. A walk with you would have lifted the spirits more though!

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    1. Sounds like fun to me, a walk with you! Also, since its raining here in Mumbai these days, it’d give me a chance to be under the same umbrella with you. 😉


  3. what a beautiful post for being called a ‘non-post,’ remember, it’s okay to change things up at times, express and share things in different ways, every bit as valid. enjoy the day ) beth


“I love writing. I love the swirl and swing of words as they tangle with human emotions.” ― James A. Michener

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