Difficult Writing Times

Sounds very much like one of those newspaper titles to me but good that we do not have such things. Can’t imagine what days would be like to have a newspaper like that to start the day with!

So I am talking about times that are difficult. Unfavorable. Adverse.
Google says, it is when there are financial problems, I really feel Google should widen its area of research. It should think from a writer’s point of view, look from a blogger’s point of view. It’ll know, it’s not always about money.

For me, difficult times start when I am unable to write.

Other difficult times, whether it is, on professional, personal or financial or any other ground, I can handle them, really well, most of the times. But when I cannot write, there is nothing that can take me out of that mood. Because I know, that I’ll literally wrestle with myself and end up being frustrated, loathing myself furthermore. Because, I know it’ll be days before I’ll be able to get back on track. Days pass by damp and dry.

There are times I have to stop due to lack of paper or ink or my energy to scribble, and there are times I have to stop from struggling to get one damn line straight. Why does this happen?

I reason with myself and think that may be it is the hundreds of other things running in my mind but is that not what every writer goes through? Do they also shut everything down and fake a break? Am I not supposed to master that demon by now? But how? I convince myself that its just today. Start afresh tomorrow. But more than often, its the same story the next day too.

I am tired of ranting about it here. I am looking for reasons to get glued to pen and paper again like I used to be. So I have sought a way. Not a big transformational one. But still. Now, I write every hour. Starting with just a line. Sometimes I manage to scribble 2-3 lines too. Sometimes it is writing down whatever comes to my mind at that moment. Sometimes I try and stretch one idea to make it a topic, a story. Makes me feel better and the day not wasted. Isn’t it something, for a start at least?

I still can’t believe it took me five long days to write down this post, putting it together in bits and pieces and rearranging the words to have them make sense.

Happy writing till we meet next.

Until then, carpe diem! 🙂


© Asha Seth

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15 thoughts on “Difficult Writing Times

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  1. i SAW A FILM NAMED ” Marquis de Sade” IN WHICH THE MARQUIS wrote a book on women’s torture and was sentenced to death. He heard his death sentence calmly but abruptly exploded with abuses after hearing that his book will be destroyed. So writers love their work more than their lives. you know better.


  2. Even when you struggle to write, you do it eloquently. Whether it takes ages or just flow, you are doing all you can and when that built up dam of words explodes you will be inundated with great ideas…just keep the faith until then!


  3. Dear Asha,
    We all feel like this from time to time … sometimes we just do not enjoy the process of writing – we do not like to write, we just wish to have written! I can’t recall the exact saying or who said that, but I found it to be true.
    I think you have a heart of a writer … and that is all that matters -:)!
    Take Care,


“I love writing. I love the swirl and swing of words as they tangle with human emotions.” ― James A. Michener

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