I Wonder If She Knows…

For the umpteenth time, I wonder if she knows…

Been word-stalking her for past 2 years, I wonder if she knows!

You meet new people all the time, and with time, you forget most. Today, I am again thinking about this woman who I’ve known for some time now. We never were friends. I would have loved to believe we were, at some point in life, but no we weren’t.

Then, I didn’t particularly like her for reasons known alone to me. And the last time I saw her which was about 3 years ago; I thought I was done with her for good.

As life has it, I had to meet her again. I had never thought I would, let alone through writing. That was common between us; I was yet to discover this. When I started to blog about 2 years ago, I stumbled across her space.

She writes with life in her words. It’s like getting to know her with an occasional peek into her life and know that we have so much in common which would make room for so much fun conversations. Only if I had allowed myself to know her then, we’d be such great friends.

It makes me happy when she stops by mine and her words, when she scatters few, fill me with hope and positivity. And ever since, I have met her again, I long for her to know how much I regret not giving us a chance. We’ll be friends, maybe not. Only time knows.

And I wonder if she knows, I always wait until she comes by around, again, next time….

-Asha Seth

11 Replies to “I Wonder If She Knows…”

          1. Two people that want to be friends but don’t know how…what a shame. The thing is I can see it. Maybe you’re surprised because you know deep down that is the case yet refuse to accept it is that simple. So why wait…extend that hand of friendship?


“I love writing. I love the swirl and swing of words as they tangle with human emotions.” ― James A. Michener

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