For a moment, let’s just…

For a moment, let’s just…
Stand still
and look around
and watch the birds fly
or hear the rustle of autumn leaves
or let the deafening silence reign.

For a moment, let’s just…
Stand by the sea
and enjoy the waves
crash against the rocks
and let us do nothing
but watch the bubbles disperse
never to be found again.

For a moment, let’s just…
Blink our eyes
ever so quick
and what forms
in front of our eyes?
The image we see
is a broken one
or perhaps just darkness is all we see?
What can we make of it?

For a moment, let’s just…
Let  a moment pass
in solitude
where you get
to know nothing, no one,
and yet you know
You are everything there is,
and will be.


Asha Seth

21 thoughts on “For a moment, let’s just…

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  1. Peace, solace and retrospection .. I can spend an entire life with these three rare commodities currently available in today’s market! Glad you got all of em’ and the words of enlightenment are the words of many .. I connect 🙂 .. Beautiful !


          1. Ahh… You’re awesomely good at that ;).. Always awesome to connect with someone whom I was in touch earlier.. amidst a sea of the emails I receive, Your blogs are like oyster shells and the content inside the blogs is like exploring the pearls every person, who connects, would love to possess 🙂 Howzzat :p


  2. Being still and just observing is a wonderful pastime, better yet when observed between pages of a book sometime. It is great to be trapped in a moment, knowing that it will never happen again and to try and capture every detail of it.

    I think when we blink it is like one of the old cameras and our eyes can capture the perfect hi-res image of the unique things we see. Our imagination helps as well when we think back and it enriches the experience.

    You put it so well as you always do to remind us of what is important and to try and enjoy each experience, despite the mundane tasks getting in the way. Your last two lines are really awesome, those moments really do feel like we are the centre of everything and we understand it all.

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    1. Sometimes believing this is how it ought to be, is all I do, and some other times, wishing if things were as I want them. Is there a place in the middle, where we get a little of both. How nice that’d be!

      How does your good self?

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    2. If you find that place, invite me and send me an old style treasure map to find it, as I love a good quest.

      I am well today my friend, how have you been?


  3. For a moment, i just sat still
    Let this moment pass
    Knowing nothing
    and rhyming
    what this poem said
    and than sing,

    This particular moment i think
    was well cherished, coz
    i just tried to breathe,
    let this rhyme sync.

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    1. For a moment,
      just say what your heart feels
      in contrast to what your eyes see
      and bask in that memory
      For a moment,
      tell me I’m yours
      and in this moment
      make me believe I’m all you’ll ever want.

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    2. How,
      can a moment conceive,
      what my heart feels for you,
      my eyes see, beneath
      the scratches sewed,

      Let me confess,
      the last moment,
      i blinked my eye
      (repeatedly as you said)
      the image was not dark,
      the image was not broken

      Then i let this end loose,
      some words are so beautiful
      when unspoken.

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“I love writing. I love the swirl and swing of words as they tangle with human emotions.” ― James A. Michener

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