If We Ever Meet Again

On restless evenings, filled with utter hopelessness,
Lying sprawled under the ceiling, weaving mindless fantasies.
I wish for the hundredth time, that we crossed paths, someday.
And also curious, that if we ever met again, what would it be like?

A thousand memories lie scattered on the floor,
From that day, when it all ended.
Bleeding inside, aching right to the bone, I still am.
And yet, at the slightest thought of you, something inside stirs.

Eyes tired and sulky, looking for you, even now.
Hardly do I know how to convince them otherwise.
With every beat, each step inched towards you, all this time,
Who is to be blamed, and how?

I, I can live in the melancholy your memories bring,
But to stop myself from walking down the same lane,
To give up thinking about all that we had,
I am not sure if I want to do that.

To coax myself, to breathe in a space devoid of you?
It suffocates me, even the thought so much as chokes me.
How is the heart to be tamed again?
When, at the slightest thought of you, it wants you right back.

And with every passing moment, I find myself asking.
If we ever meet again, would you wait a second or walk away?
The yearning growing for months now, would it meet a dead end?
or will the moment resurrect lost opportunities?

Would you smile, acknowledging the longing?
Or just reflect another melancholy?

A silent passing of words,
And the little hope left in me, evaporating in thin air.
Or will it get the sea of my desires surging?
Wiping out the asphyxiation, that’s so drowning me,
Finally, breathing back life into me.


Asha Seth

23 Replies to “If We Ever Meet Again”

  1. Those unanswered questions are ones that haunt, sometimes I enjoy melancholy feelings. I miss your writing my friend, write more soon, you right with so much depth and emotion, I love to read your lyrical words.


    1. I long to read your thoughts, Steve. And you always take me by surprise. I would love to write more and more often, but always find myself caught in myriad of things. Phew!! What you been upto?


      1. I spelled write the wrong way, woe is Ste! I like to work some misdirection on you as it makes me seem more mysterious. Time is always the problem these days, I used to have tons of time but now I am lucky to do a couple of posts a week myself. I have been busy working and writing ideas down that I won’t get time to catch up with, nothing chances…how are you?

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Yes, my posts really have been very few and far between. I write much these days but they are too personal to be posted. I might do a story soon. I feel pangs of rush sometimes to write for long at a stretch. Like getting lost in words. But something’s pulling me back. Don’t know what.

          Liked by 1 person

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