Be kind to others
Or pledge to transform yourself


Make someone smile each day
Or travel the globe


Teach someone to write
Or read a million words


Fall in love
Or make peace with your past


Pray for the deprived
Or share your fortunes


Swim, Trek, Travel or Laugh
Live differently or make someone live different



Do whatever makes your heart happy but make sure you do
And each night before you go to bed
Do ask yourself – Was the day useful enough?


Ask this each night
And let it change the following mornings


Because one day when
You will count your last breaths
And ask this to yourself
And take my word you’ll regret then
If you failed to leave a mark in this world


Asha Seth

34 thoughts on “Resolutions

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  1. We will really regret if we look behind and see no marks of our existence. That would ruin even our death.
    So leave marks (good ones), have an impact, and you will see a person in the mirror you’ve always admired and wanted to be. Let 2017 be that year in your lives.😊
    Happy 2017 Asha!😘😃🎆


  2. Resoultions of a simple girl☺

    1) The most imp one is to get a better cgpa(academic) than the first year …first year it was 8.00.

    2) Stop bunking lectures …pay more attention this will reduce my burden of studies.

    3) Finding time for old school friends ..if possible spending time with them on holidays

    4) Cutting down pocket expenses like eating junk food of course i love it.

    5) Spending a day alone in nature i mean on top the mountains or in a field or in a garden of flowers..thats offcourse a dream.

    6) My mother always insists for joining hobby class i would like go for mehendi and rangoli.

    5) I know only how to make tea and maggie and pasta…☺ i would like to learn making khichadi and kheer and some chutneys.

    6) Finding time for music and reading.

    7) Lazing off to late mornings on holidays and sundays if free from studies.

    9) Donating old but clothes in good condition to my girl boarders of my school who are mostly orphans.During my school days i used to donate my uniform, books , blank pages of unused note books . Our school principal would insipire us for this.

    10) This i am planning to have a get together of all my school friends …how far i will succeed i have no idea about this.

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  3. Wise words, reading and some travelling are something I am aiming for this year again, I don’t mind where I go or what I read as long as new things are experienced.


“I love writing. I love the swirl and swing of words as they tangle with human emotions.” ― James A. Michener

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