In the middle of the night
When I turn out the light
I see your shadows
Following me

I push aside the curtains
Peeking out the window
Check over once thorough

Finding nothing
Less settles my restless heart
Bringing myself out on the porch
I tip-toe
Behind the bushes,
Beyond the fence
Waiting for the shadows
Following me

No shadows or figures,
That I see
But I know you are
Following me

I stay wide awake
Perched at the window sill
My heart hoping
To see those shadows again
Just this again

A light wind
Ruffles my locks
Sending a shiver
Down my spine
A smile settles on my lips
A drop of tear trickles down my cheek

I know it is you
Sending kisses on the wind
Like you have
Since the time you’ve gone
Keeping up your promise
Of following me


Asha Seth

24 Replies to “Following”

  1. Its a very beautifully described APPARITIONAL EXPERIENCE

    Every teen girl desires it and experiences it.

    I would like to add a few stanzas if you wont mind.

    I am convinced that when you come.
    It would be in some inconceivable form.
    A trick of light, a shadowless being,a beauty so startling that even mirrors would withdraw.

    I looked for you everywhere.
    I thought you were coded in the wind,a falling star.

    My longing for you drawn taut as a bowstring,

    I could have sighted you in any guise.

    I would have taken you in any shape, any apparition you arrived in,an illusion or evidence,

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    1. Sitting out on a porch is one of my favourite pastimes. And the muse hit me there. Did not know what exactly I wanted to write. And yet was happy somehow for how it shaped out in the end. I think I wanted to write about ghosts. Anyway. Glad you liked, J.

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      1. I really enjoyed it, I think those sorts of ideas are great, that just hit you and carry you away somewhere. I wish I had a porch to sit on, or at least a nice view! Unless that becomes the basis for a story.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Yes, not that I get a chance often to delight myself with a porchly muse. I so wish to have a place in the woods with a porch overlooking the hills. May be then I’d invite you over for coffee.

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“I love writing. I love the swirl and swing of words as they tangle with human emotions.” ― James A. Michener

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