I still believe…

I still believe that fairies exist.
I still believe that so does magic.

I still believe that I cannot watch a loved one die.
I also believe that I could kill for a loved one.

I still believe that lying is easier than convincing.
I also believe that people don’t think too deep when they lie.

I still believe that when someone dies they never really leave.
I also believe love can bring them back.

I still believe that I can never unlove him.
I also believe that I can never again trust him.

I still believe that things will one day change.
I also believe that life’s going to be a lot better.


Asha Seth

28 thoughts on “I still believe…

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  1. You’ve already met the man! I accept and encourage all of your writerly and readerly passions, in fact I demand it! Believing in fairies and ghosts is great, there is always room for romance and until I see proof they don’t exist then they do.

    You will become a better writer because you love your art, you practise and you get better and you grow with experience and with books you read and I for one enjoy the journey of your writing and chatting with you.

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    1. Charming. having friends like you around, makes the ride merrier. I so hope to be able to write more as you do. I so envy you for the goodness in you.

      How’ve you been? Give me a glimpse of your day and life presently.

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      1. You say the best things my dear, I envy you the ability to write, usually I struggle outside book reviews but I read your words and you encourage me to give it a go.

        I’ve been okay, when not working, I have been reading and spending a lot of time in Nottingham just soaking up the atmosphere. It would be better with your company though!


  2. Obviously you write really good. On a lighter note, last lines should have read – “I still believe I can write a love letter, I still believe I would get everything I want & then life would be much better” and in PS- I’m working on it! 😛


      1. Oh I’ve been doing good. My End-sems just got over. I had one project presentation today that unexpectedly went well (that’s a relief!). Vacations are starting and I’ve an exciting internship waiting for me 🙂

        Apart from that, I need to get along with the books again. The thing is though I read a lot throughout the day, it mostly consists of online articles, blogs, news, documentations, Quora, etc. But it doesn’t seem substantial like when I finish a book (all thanks to your goodreads profile that says about tons of books you’ve finished reading).

        Writing work went on slower pace in April due to exams. I need to regain my momentum again. Rest is good as well. What about you?


        1. That’s quite some reading that you indulge in. My reading has reduced for the past one month. Need to get it back running. Other than that, nothing much is different. Although, I wish I was some place where it’s snowing.

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          1. I’m so sorry for late reply Asha! I got pretty indulged in my final task submission for this semester. Anyway, yeah my reading domain is quite diverse. Knowledge is everywhere. In bits and pieces & I gotta catch’em all 🙂

            Snowing! well that’s quite a wish! Perfectly reasonable though. I don’t know about snowing but I’m sure you must be enjoying the chilling rain if the weather is generous on your end.


“I love writing. I love the swirl and swing of words as they tangle with human emotions.” ― James A. Michener

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