Words escape my mind,
but thoughts never leave.
Caught in a whirlwind,
this is what perplexes me…

What happens when you miss someone?
Do they miss you too?

What happens when your heart misses a beat?
Does it get passed on to someone somewhere
Needing it to live?

What happens when we blink our eyes?
The things we miss to see, are they not worth a view?

What happens,
when you bleed for someone?
Do they feel the pain too?

What happens when we lose something?
Does someone else find it?

What happens, when we steal a glance?
At someone, someone we love?
Do they get the butterflies too?

What happens when something you deserve
but never get?
When something you only dreamt of is finally a reality?

My mind, a cauldron of thoughts.
Words escape my mind,
but the thoughts never leave.


Asha Seth

35 thoughts on “Thoughts

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    1. Thank you. It really means a lot for me, to know your honest thoughts. It’s a pleasure for me to write and delight my readers.
      Keep close. I’ll keep writing more.😍


  1. What moves me most is the stanza

    What happens when when we bleed for someone ?
    Do they feel the pain too?

    It requires a relation of very high level of understanding and love between the persons who are very closely bonded with each other just like twin siblings. When one of them is in pain the other experiences it .It happens with the persons whom we love most ….we feel thier pain because we don’t want to them to be in pain.

    This feeling is just like the one a mother experiences when her newly born baby is injected with a vaccine.


    1. Super. I like your thoughts fueled my mine. It’s amazing how different situations fit the bill perfectly. The connections twins have is something terrific. I had read the Thirteenth Tale and it’s fabulously narrated there. And no pain a child feels passes a mother untouched. Brilliant this was, Kiran. 🙂

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  2. What happens when
    Words are not enough
    To sum up my feelings for you?
    Do you get it behind your smiles?
    Or behind those stolen glances
    Do you feel my search for a home
    On the roads that your eyes are?


  3. Very nice …great choice of words to describe the mix of emotions that we as humans run the gauntlet on when it comes to goals friendship, love and relationships and just thoughts in general …this is why I continue to read your work …excellent !


    1. There are so many things that cross my mind each day and surprise me. How we tend to think in varied situations also amaze me. It’s finally all about how the brain acts and the heart reacts or vice versa. A battle of the two and so many trillion tales, movies, stories, around it. What say?

      Thank again Jerry. Your thoughts make me think more and write more.

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    1. How ironic is it that the strangest of things do not have answers, or do they? I wrote this piece a few months ago but while editing it last night, I started thinking about them again.
      Glad you shared your thoughts, Ruma. How’ve you been?

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      1. So true! I also find it weird that we don’t try hard enough to find answers! I am good, thanks! I love reading poems though I have written only one myself. You inspired me a lot today!


        1. Oh good. I love poems and enjoy writing them. I would love to read what you wrote. Do share the link. Also, do write more. I am happy I could make you want to write more of them. 🙂

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  4. And long may you continue with your thoughts, people are an enigma, so fascinating with their hidden depths and hopes and dreams.

    I love that bit about where the missed heart beat goes to, that was brilliant! When do we get a poetry book from you my friend?


    1. Yes, J. Nothing amazes me so much as humans, their emotions, their minds and behavior. I feel as if the more I discover I more I want to.
      I loved that bit too about missed heartbeats. I have been wondering about it since a while.
      A poetry book! How you amuse me! I’ve never given it a thought. May be you should also write poems then we could co-publish a collection of poems.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I am always willing to collaborate my friend, I do the odd one but nothing sustained but I am willing to up my game to try and reach your level.


“I love writing. I love the swirl and swing of words as they tangle with human emotions.” ― James A. Michener

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