When a writer bleeds

her world shrinks
as faces cease to exist
days lack brightness
nights miss the glow

walks become rambles
blank are the thoughts
no place is desirable
just she and herself

behind shut doors
are windows closed
and the solitary corner
beckoning her

not a speck of light
in the gloomy room
except a flickering
lamp at the table
she bleeds on

walls see her drown
in a gush of emotions
secrets they hold
that none will ever know

whimper to words
sorrow to scribbles
and yet another story
is about to be born

Asha Seth

87 thoughts on “When a writer bleeds

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  1. I’m new to writing and this is one of a very challenging role I’ve taken so far, apart from mothering. I love your words, they also reflect mine. Keep it up.


  2. Asha…first of all, thank you for your recent visits and support of marc’s blog; they are very much appreciated. Next, I am sure I am telling you something you already know, but Writer’s Digest is currently taking submissions for their annual poetry competition. You should definitely consider sending them some of your work. Submissions have to be unpublished and, unfortunately, up untl this year they excepted pieces that appeared on your personal blog…but no longer. I bet you have a stack of unfinished poems and all you have to do is select one and get to work!! You can do it. The entry fee is only $17us. I sound like a commercial….enough. I’ll agree to the rain and the coffee, but you will have to walk the dog!


  3. This has such a personal touch, can almost sense the emotions benath those words. Also having had similar experiences, this is quite a lovely poem ! Cheers 🙂


  4. Captures the writer’s struggle so well! Thanks for following my site. Thanks for the likes, too. I’m afraid my posts tend to be erratic and to range over many different subjects. Lately, you will have seen, my mind has been occupied by UK politics and the recent disastrous decision to leave the EU.


  5. Wow! Asha… your talent runs deep.
    You have a gift i this art of turning your thoughts, views into such writings.
    Just reading this alone tells me quite a lot of the blog i have come across. – Cezane


    1. Really, Cezane. I wrote this down in one of those moods when you would rather get into bed, cuddle up and stay there all day. For reasons known to me alone, this post is personal.
      Appreciate you sharing your opinion of it. You’re sweet. ❤


    1. Ah, thanks. EnglishRosiee 🙂 As for your post, I quite agree to the fact stated so blunt yet honestly.
      Living with parents does affect your romantic relationships. I am an independent woman and as a person have never believed in faking excuses just so I could be on a date with someone. I wouldn’t ever want my date doing that. At least, as matured grown-ups, this is granted. But then sure, there are people who don’t mind being the non-confronting kid even in their 30s resorting to excuses than keeping terms clear with their folks.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Resa. Thank you. And I’m glad J shared the post on his wall. I could thus meet you. How are you dear? I just ran an eye through your blog. Those paintings, they are fabulous. Did you paint them?


  6. Reblogged this on Book to the Future and commented:
    As mad times abound with nights shift at work, copious amounts of short naps and insomnia for the rest of the time, I don’t really have anything post worthy at the moment, which will no doubt be remedied when I return properly sometime near the end of the month, so here’s some showcasing of another blog and a good friend, enjoy!


      1. I will be back in just over a week and be back to words, thoughts and ideas. It feel likes forever since I did a book review, even though it isn’t but I have lots of ideas for posts so will get back to it asap. I have some interesting books which I think will appeal to you coming up…


  7. I love the intensity with which you chronicle the writer’s struggles and victories. You have an eye for the dramatic with your detailing and the raw emotion of writing and telling a story. Isolation can be as much of a torture as it is a help and I love how you show both sides, the good and the bad wonderfully balanced.


      1. You’re welcome. I was blown away by your poem.
        As for me, I’ve been wanting to write more, but life keeps getting in the way. Right now it’s completing spring cleaning projects before summer arrives.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. It’s lovely to know the intensity with which you so liked the poem.
          As for spring cleaning projects, sure sounds like some real task at hand. Don’t be too occupied and please do not forget us. 😛

          Liked by 1 person

“I love writing. I love the swirl and swing of words as they tangle with human emotions.” ― James A. Michener

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