At a quarter past nine
ith a candy bar and a smile
he left him waiting
under the tamarind tree 

At a quarter past nine
nineteen years since
his steps lead him unconscious
waiting for her incredulous

In the dark
under the dim stars
withered, weakened
stands he under the dried tree

Inconsolable sorrow
engulfing his heart and soul
Where has she gone?
When will she return?

And although, many such years
will come and be gone
and although, life will keep moving on
but to him, the waiting is all that’s left
to him, the waiting will go on forever


Asha Seth

59 thoughts on “Forever

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  1. Your beautiful eyes so clear,It looked like a little teddybear,So sweet and harmless,It would light up the darkness,Look in her unique eyes And you’ll see she’s very wise.. these were the line that strike my mind although I have just seen one pic of yours and when i saw your post the way u have pen down them is simply amzing i mean each and everything by u is so beautifully described … trust me the way u play with the words is simply amazing I mean superb they are


    1. That’s a beautiful poem, Ajay. Thank you, I appreciate your innocent thoughts as humbly expressed. 😃 I feel a lot me. Brimming with muchness when I write. Maybe that’s why the words tend to touch you, my lovely friends, in the way they do. 💕

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  2. This poem stirred my soul …it took me a long time to comment on it…the boys state of mind is same even he grows older not knowing under what circumstances his mother left him…its his strong feeling of love for her that keeps him hoping she will be back someday …beautifully written .

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    1. You got it bang on. It is not long from now when I met a kid at the railway station. Must be 2 or 3 years old. Out of habit I asked where the mother was. And he didn’t know what a mother meant. That incident stayed with me and raked my mind long enough. The thoughts finally took shape of this poetry. It will always remind me of the little boy, dressed in rags, with soiled fingers, asking for monies.

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      1. Your meeting with the boy at the railway station and conversation with is more heart touching than your poem…small kids are innocent especially those ones like the boy you met unaware of the bitter facts and hardships of life they are going face in future..yet they are cheerful and happy

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        1. You’re right, Kiran. I can’t begin to imagine his life, and the way each of his days go. It pains my heart to even think of it. We find such stories in news every day, of infants abandoned, kids left stranded, and similar things. What the heart of a mother must go through, to leave her kid, alone in the world?

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  3. Ah, time is relative, I appreciate Einstein for that but Márquez gave it so much more feeling and you are following in those footsteps. At first I thought it was one of those poems that was about longing and loss but really it was longing and and the illusion of time.

    Love is indeed a beautiful thing and when that feeling happens it plays with the brain chemistry and makes everything so much more dramatic. As ever my friend you write so wonderfully.

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    1. Oh yes, I love Marquez and his works for making it seem like the wait’s always worth it. It’s amazing how such varied perspectives are been drawn by this work. It’s about a lot of things, J. Loss, yes and also about how when there’s love and attachment, you wouldn’t mind waiting for 19 years or more, even if that seems like an era.
      Thank you for your beautiful words, J. Have missed them. 🙂

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      1. It was strange a week away from the blog and all but if you ever need anything (or just a natter) and I am not around Whatsapp you can always drop me an email, I seem to be better at those these days.

        Márquez can have somebody sulking in bed seem dramatic, he was truly wonderful. Your layered works always makes me stop and think and I love to be challenged, if I had enough books I would happily wait for somebody for 19 years.

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        1. Spoken my mind out. I remember this one time, when I’d missed my intercity bus. The next bus was due 8 hours later and I was stranded at the bus stop. But not a pang of wastefulness because I had a couple of books to go the day with. 🙂
          Next time, yes, I shall consider writing an email but yet, somehow wanting to hear someone is missed. Don’t you think?

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          1. Ah, it’s the perfect thing for a long wait, it’s almost a good excuse to miss the bus as well. Eight hours of reading is sheer bliss.

            A physical chat is always good on the ear and is something I look forward to very much in the not to distant future!

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  4. One of those writing which wants to make me scream in joy on how well written it has been done by a dear friend.
    Scintillating! Absolutely beautiful!
    The flow.. the lines, the direction of thought..
    You rock Asha! – Cezane

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“I love writing. I love the swirl and swing of words as they tangle with human emotions.” ― James A. Michener

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