Remember those days
when all we fought about
were pencils and crayons?
When pages were canvasses
of trials and temptation
of the coming together
of ink and paper?

Remember those days
when all we cared about
were the paper boats
struggling to sail
in narrow ditches
carved with fallen twigs
in the pouring rains?
When missing a puddle
was an unsaid regret
etched across our faces?

Remember those days
when I didn’t think how’d you feel
you didn’t care what I’d think
chasing puppies and
catching butterflies
across green meadows
and secluded streets?

Oh, how I wish they were back!
Laughing, shouting,
scolding, yet growing
How we spent those childhood days!


Asha Seth

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  1. I look at my daughters saddled with ten kilo schoolbags and megatons of expectations and wonder if somehow they have missed half the fun I used to have floating paper boats in puddles and chasing puppies. Are we taking away the childhood we miss so dearly from our kids? But your post is about a sweet dream most of us have awaken from, a dream that is now lost forever.

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    1. I feel the same pang when I find kids today mad after TV games and mobile phones addiction. They are missing so.much. so yes, in some way, a lots being lost that can never be recovered. I feel it for the sagging shoulders too, like you’ve mentioned. Umashanker 😃

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  2. It is tragic that we don’t realise at the time that they were such easy, carefree days and we only appreciate them after the fact. Those days are universal though and you have taken me back to good times, although these times aren’t so bad, after all growing up means we met.

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    1. Sure. There’s gives and takes of both the times. But what makes you crave matters most. Sadly if I had it my way, I’d never wanna grow. But since we have all, it makes me happy nonetheless like you said to have found you and so many other good people.

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    1. I have a younger brother too ☺ I can feel your emotions …just a few moments before we had a pillow fight 😀 I have a bank of memories related with him and still having a good time him.

      What is going to me at Raksha Bandhan is kept a pleasant surprise ☺

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    1. Thank you, Kiran. Days with my younger brother are some of the best memories of my life. They have never left me and I have captured them here. No matter how much time passes, I never wish them to fade away. So. 🙂 Happy Independence day. Long live freedom. Oh, the price we got you for!

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  3. Yesterday a cute stray puppy followed me ☺ on way to college

    It was so cute with a mixture of white and brown

    Wondered where its mother was?

    I had a strong desire to pick it up in my arms and give a loveable stare in its eyes

    I did.

    Its touch felt warm and soft like

    A mass of silk

    Hope it could speak with me.

    I rubbed my nose with its nose.

    It responded by licking my nose
    with its icy cold tongue.

    Just then I heard the bark of grown up dog.

    Yes !!! it was the mother dog

    Searching her puppy.

    Maybe it was the puppy’s feeding time.

    It was getting late for college.

    I had to go. I kept the puppy on the ground and walked away.

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    1. Absolutely, Debb.:) You so reminded me of them back again. Vacations lasted an eternity, yes, and yet we thought they were always too short. Going back to school, with younger siblings tagging along, is such a profound memory of those days.
      So happy to read your thoughts, my dear. ❤

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