On Independence Day

While the nation celebrates
another year of independence,
I fail miserably in convincing myself
to join in the massive celebrations.
I don’t get a sense of freedom today.
Ask me why!
I struggle to understand,
what being free means.
Freedom from foreign clutches?
Is that what being free means?

Am I really free?
If I can’t walk the streets alone
without being scared?
If I can’t express thoughts in public
without being condemned?
Am I really free?
If my decisions have to be manipulated
by the so-called caretakers
for their selfish gains?

And that’s just the beginning!

Anti-social elements
are at large today, more than then,
when strangers invaded our land.
Corruption, rape, terrorism, bad politics,
know no bounds.
Then how are we free?

I feel asphyxiated.
The air around is polluted.
I can smell something wrong,
happening somewhere,
in some corner of the nation.
And this,
so does not make me feel free.

And yet
I shall celebrate
the sacrifices of the millions
I shall salute
their grit, their aggression,
for giving the nation,
their everything
in exchange for its freedom.

For me,
Independence Day,
is, was and will always be,
about these great fighters,
their struggles, their stories.
The custodians of the land.
The land called India.
Here’s to their winning spirit

“Happy 70th Independence Day, India.”


Asha Seth

40 thoughts on “On Independence Day

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  1. I personally think, nobody can never be fully free in a civilized society. We have to abide by the societal rules, have to think about the other members and a number of other things before deciding our course of actions.

    But, as you have said, I always feel proud of those freedom fighters who sacrificed their lives for our “freedom”… 🙂

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  2. Independence is a great thing, sadly all nations are failing, not protecting its own citizens, blocking freedom of speech to different extents and so much. At least your Independence Day gives real thinking people a chance to reflect, there is hope but it will take us all and needs to start at the top with politicians and big business. Sadly I don’t see it happening anytime soon.

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    1. Yes, J. It makes me sad to think I may not live so long as to see such badly craved changes toward the betterment of my nation. Such devils, such low-lives, I detest at even the thought of them as decision-makers of such a huge democracy. But we hope. We so hope.
      How’ve you been, dearest? I have missed your words.

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      1. We need to find a way to change, to help everybody and do what is right and not what is best for a few individuals.

        I have been okay my friend, working and reading, the usual, I am so boring lol and your good self?

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          1. Hope you feel better soon my friend! I read the blurb for English August and it sounded good until it was compared to The Catcher in the Rye. I’ll be intrigued to know your thoughts on it.

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  3. Happy Independence Day to u n all people of ur nation.

    : )

    I love patriotic people so much



    I agree with each line of urs!
    I am also struggling for finding the meaning of being free literally!

    Keep up with ur good thoughts n work!
    Stay happier


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    1. Yes, sad but true. While you and I lament about the fact that people, resources, and efforts are being exploited for wrong intentions, these people, actually termites are weakening the whole process and system; spare a few.

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  4. Asha I would like to say few words.first of all no nation is perfect. To make a nation perfect we need to be perfect. I agree with your thoughts even I feel scared and unsecured for my sister roaming at nights after 9 . If we want to make change then we should change ourselves first to make changes happen.thats all I have to say and I always liked reading Ur articles.please keep posting..regards sumeet Jeswani.

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    1. Yes, small steps in the right direction is all that’s need and that’s an apt thought. But how many are really operating from this? You and I may change ourselves, but does the problem end there? I am craving to see massive transformations from each one, every one of us. Only then can something be done.
      P.S.: I don’t see my nation as imperfect. It’s perfect in every aspect. I am blaming the factors tainting the nation’s image. Freedom, however is an altogether different matter for me.
      Your thoughts will inspire many who stop and read. Thank you, Sumeet. Be around. 🙂

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  5. Hi Asha, Trinidad & Tobago celebrates independence on the 31st of August, and I must say that there are so many societal similarities. Here a little more than 50% of the population is also of East Indian decent so there are a few cultural similarities amongst the Indian populace here as well. Happy Independence to your country…

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  6. I guess your point is that Freedom is … subjective. In the case of a country any country it is a celebration of birth from the womb or slavery of another. Yet we as the human race are never free from the masters of sin and death.

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  7. Good morning dear Asha.

    You have given a very vivid description of your thoughts of freedom.

    I too oppose the alarming rise of anti-social elements in the post Independence era.

    The Indian govt machinery and the society should do a rigourous selfthinking and find a solution to this.

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  8. I agree. We’re not free. Freedom is but an illusion. I’m not even going for any of tomorrow’s “freedom bike rides”. Why you ask? Why would anyone want to be a part of the 150-200+ herd of amature motorcyclists, following rules dicated by the “officials”, only to cause an utter nuisance to the entire city by blocking off roads, and all this in the name of ” celebrating freedom”!

    Sorry for my long rant. I tend to get very upset on this hypocritical day of freedom.

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    1. I get your sentiments, El. I don’t understand all the extravaganza, when we are actually doing nothing to stop what needs to be stopped. There are patriots dying each day, what’s being done for their families? For their children? People grieving loss of family or friends by the hands of the fiends. Is anything done in the name of justice?
      I could rant along as well. But I hold myself back. It’s a hard battle, tougher than fighting against some foreign regime.

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