What is Love?

Growing up watching the mindless melodramatic romance in movies,
I always thought love was something that got you butterflies.
That a mere smile lights up your life
when that one person so much as looks at you.
How it sends shivers through your body
when they so much as accidentally touch you.
The tickling feeling that brushes your heart
when they lean in to kiss you.
Yes, all of this and a lot more!

Of late, however, I have a reason to believe differently.

What is love? It’s when…

He wakes up at 6.45 so you don’t miss waking up at 7.
When he stirs you a lemonade because you are feeling low
Getting pills and a glass of water ready, so you don’t miss them after dinner
He feeds you morsels when you come home spending an exhausted day fasting
Sends you an ‘I love you’ text in the middle of the day

Watches your favorite Harry Potter movies with you, even though he least likes them
Sends you your favorite ‘You’re my lobster’ FRIENDS quote just so you smile looking at it
Eats that dish you cooked with such fervor even when you’ve missed a thing or two
Tells you ‘You’re beautiful’ when you damn well know you couldn’t have looked worse

It all sounds just too ticklish romantic to be true, isn’t it?
Things you read in books. Things a girl dreams of.

Love, as I’ve come to believe, is not about flowers and chocolates,
or expensive gifts and candle-light dinners.
Love is a lot of little things put together.
It’s the start of a beautiful life in the most beautiful place possible; next to him.

And it takes just that one person to make you see what love is!


Asha Seth

98 Replies to “What is Love?”

  1. The second part, just after the paragraph, brought a feeling in me…a little happy and sad both simultaneously.
    I felt great when I could relate to most of the things which you’ve mentioned. At least, to this definition, my love seem to be true. But at the same time, I missed her so much. The feeling that I won’t be able to see her again made me feel so bad.. so heavy below my throat.
    I would like to thank you for writing this post as it helped me feel her. After talking to my love for the last time in April, every passing day my memories were getting weak, my feeling my imaginations… everything !
    This feeling, this thought of her, which at once came to my mind when I read this…really made me feel that my love for her is true and its still there.
    You have a magical harmony in your thoughts and pen! 🙂

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    1. Why is it that you can never see her again? I sense a disturbance of sorts. What happened? Share only if you please. I detest memories for that matter. They betray our feelings, the attachment, by fading away lightly from the conscious state of mind. How elusive!
      If love is true, you’ll always have her with you, in presence or in memories. So I feel.

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      1. Nothing very serious. We were friends and talked a lot. We spent most of the time together, during our job training. We liked one another. But at least for me, this friendship turned into love.
        But she didn’t felt the same.
        We still continued our way… I being in love with her and she remaining my friend… But after each passing day, she felt that she is also starting to develop similar feelings for me. But she was not ready for her second love (her first love life was not working out properly and she had stopped talking to him… though she didn’t ended her relationship properly).
        Now she wanted me to stay away from her as much as possible. But this was very difficult for me and for her as well. But she pretend to be strong.
        Everyday she told me to leave and I convinced her to stay. But our job training was just for 3 months. After that we were posted to different cities.
        She always told that she feel bad about me that she couldn’t love me the way I do. I loved talking to her. I just wanted to remain in contact but this was making her life difficult, as she said.
        One day she told that she was feeling guilty and she just want me to leave her and stop talking to her. That day was difficult. After listening to her feelings and what she was going through, I said, ” if staying away from you and not trying to make contact will help you then I won’t contact you from today”…
        We this was it. I don’t talk to her now but I really like talking about her. This is not her fault. Even without being in love with me she was there with me just because it was difficult for me to go away from her at once.
        Today all I’m left with are sweet memories. I miss her sometimes, especially when I want to talk and then I realize I couldn’t any more.
        But she is there in my heart and I want to keep her with me at least within me, forever.
        Thanks for giving me an opportunity to talk about her.

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  2. Very true and beautifully written….
    And when we discover that he is the guy we’d want to spend the rest of our life with… Well…. Its a feeling beyond words…. 💞

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  3. Absolutely love this and couldn’t stop nodding my head at every sentence! When love is “new” its exciting like meeting your fav Rockstar or bungee jumping. Wheb you start growing into the relationship, its like your fav PJs that you absolutely must wear to get any rest at all. While excitement is all well and good, I would rather snuggle up for a good night’s sleep! 🙂

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    1. Yes, Vidhika. You’re absolutely right. You know it’s true and sacred right from the moment it knocks at your door. It’s fulfilling and all-encompassing, like the warm summers and calm winters, that so touch our hearts and soothe our senses. 🙂


  4. That wisdom is quite true. I’m reminded of a quote I once heard though I don’t remember the attribution. Love isn’t staring into each other eyes, but rather looking forward together to a shared future (best as I can remember).

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  5. Beautifully penned. Love is all about understanding and having trust with whom you love. Understanding is the pillar of any relationship. True love is very difficult to find now a days. Its a silenr prayer to god. Prayer which one does for the happiness of their love in any circumstances.
    A nicely penned and enjoyable read. 🙂

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  6. Little lovely things matter too much as we find happiness in these little …and they are etched for in our mind forever.

    The seed of ‘HE’ is in my mind too but unknown to me ..not so as important as of now.

    But this is the blooming plant which I would like to forsee.

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    1. Our hearts ask for nothing but love. When we find someone who’d love us just a much we’d love them, life seems complete. I wish you find love and all the happiness, just as you see and imagine it. Kiran 😉

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  7. Love is all the weird simple things in life and more… love is the caring words asking you to take care of yourself, love is seeing the beauty in someone even when they are being bad, love is being able to scold someone…. much more! love is simple, delightful & at times makes us sad too.. but love is incredible! all those movies? polished lies! :/

    on that note… LOVE your article!

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    1. Your honest comments. Such true feelings. I appreciate you sharing them with me. Hemagini 🙂 In love, even the simplest of things are so incredibly beautiful. ❤


  8. Such a beautiful post Asha. As a young girl who grew up reading M&B, I mistook romance for love. But after marriage I realised true love is much deeper and more sacred than some romantic evening spent together. The care, the respect, the every day little things you do for each other, all of them fill in beautiful hues to complete the canvas of love. I am blessed to have found that love in my husband😍

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    1. That’s truly beautiful, Radhika. 🙂 I grew up reading fairytales. Right through college and still do. So for me, love always was that prince who’d walk through fire to get to me, who’d rescue me and take me to wonderland! Amazing what our books do to us. 😛
      So yes, in the real world, I was disappointed. But only for so long.
      With marriage, I found not only someone to spend the rest of my life with, but someone to love and be loved back. So I’m sailing the same ship as you. 🙂

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  9. So beautifully said — we begin dreaming about love so much like the fairy tales happy endings that we forget it’s only the simple gestures like a ‘I love you’ message or somebody looking out for you that could change your perspective about the whole thing.

    Lovely post.


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