Blogger Recognition Award

Revisiting my earlier days, I recollect how blog awards were quite a deal. I always felt, it totally justified, to have the efforts of bloggers, rewarded. After all, this is our won little world. We live a distinct life here; different than the one we live in the real world. We are somewhat ‘more we’ here, as I like to say.

I liked to see my blog mentioned in the nominations and also to share the joy with others. But after a while, I came to believe that these awards were better reserved for the newbie writers. Simply because, recalling my own days, all the motivation, assurance and push one needs in the nascent days is far greater than what we need after we have established a firm ground.

After all these years, the awards bring the same exhilaration and joy. Last month, I was fortunate to be awarded, and so generously at that. This post is therefore, to my humble friend Adarsha Karel, who found me worthy of the Blogger Recognition and Sunshine blogger awards. Thank you, Adarsha.

I find it unfair to award selectively, because each one of you out there, is doing a fantastic job. So, the award goes to each one of you. Cheers!

I usually skip doing the rules, but I’ll answer a few here, which might help the writing fraternity.

My most adventurous trip?
I am yet to make. A near-death experience would be the most adventurous experience for me. I want to live the moment and see how I escape it so I have tales to tell to my grandchildren. 

Favorite author and why?
I don’t have favorites. But these writers influence my works immensely: 
Leo Tolstoy, Charles Bukowski, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Vikram Seth, Jhumpa Lahiri, Daphne du Maurier, Khushwant Singh, and Stephen King.

Favorite book and why?
Many. Checkout this link 

One quote that sums up your whole life!
Find what you love & Let it kill you 

Story of my blog
A betrayal. A bit tipsy. An emotional explosion. And a blog was born.

Advice to new bloggers
I am not particularly good at advice, so I’ll make an attempt at humor. 

Write. Write lots. And if someone criticizes your work, flood their inbox, letterbox, their houses, through the keyholes, the windows, in every possible way, with nothing but your writings.

So be cool, because writing makes you who you are; different. And if anyone asks you to stop, make them write too. 😛

Loads of love, to all ye writers. ❤


Asha Seth

88 Replies to “Blogger Recognition Award”

  1. I so understand, I received many awards and shared them with many, whether with my poetry, sports or the jobs I had. The best treasure now comes from just a visit from one who understands his love, and also shares it freely to inspire another’s day, life! Thanks for sharing such inspiring thoughts which one can truly relate to! Have a wonderful weekend my sister!


  2. I haven’t read half of your favourite authors, I feel like a bad person. Glad to see you still receiving awards, much deserved awards my friend. You are a constant source of inspiration to writers and although I haven’t been around for a bit I still keep an eye out for your writings and will be properly in touch again soon!

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    1. It makes me sad to see you away, J. Well, Im all.for lending you few books of them if you ever wish so. Awards only mean so much to me. If I can motivate one person to keep.going, my jobs done then. You, my friend, were with me all through those times. How happy it is to still see you with me in this. Really! 😃
      P.S. WhatsApp does not deliver you messages anymore. Hope you’re all right.

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      1. It’s been a great adventure with you and long may it continue. I do enjoy your writing, always have and always look forward to more.

        I have been rubbish of late due to my sleeping pattern and laziness. I think sometimes I just need a good dose of solitude so retreat from the world for a bit. It’s my way but all is good.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I like laziness, it prepares me for what’s next. So enjoy it, J. Solitude is good and nothing beats a spare day by the beach or alone in your room. Whatever suits you! 😃 You keep me for company when you start to get bored. And oh yes, good luck with Nottingham.💕

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    1. Yeah, I love that movie for the sheer pleasure of having such exquisite once-in-a-lifetime memories. But since that is already taken, I better have something yet more enthralling. 😉 Thank you for reading through. This was a fairly length post. 😋

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  3. Oh..I loved the post and that flooding advice just reminded me of Harry Potter where all the Hogwarts letters swoop in and swish around into the house, with nothing left but that single beautiful oppurtunity in hands!:)

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“I love writing. I love the swirl and swing of words as they tangle with human emotions.” ― James A. Michener

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