One fine evening
I sat knitting.
Shifting patterns and struggled trials,
Doing and undoing the thing,
over and over again…

At times, I cursed beneath my breath,
other times, I hurled them yarns and needles,
right across the room…

It was less a struggle with the needles,
more with my heart and mind.
The mind made it so obvious,
the heart hardly liked…

Why can you love someone,
but can never unlove them?
If only life was a ball of yarn,
with the needles in our hands.


Asha Seth

66 thoughts on “Unlove

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  1. Beautifully done my dear! I think maybe once we love the whole purpose of it staying within us even though sometimes we do wish we could ‘unlove’ it stays to grow our hearts stronger making them capable of holding even more love in the future. ❤ ❤ ❤

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  2. Firstly i liked the comparison, Knitting can get complicated like a Maze Puzzle aka LOVE. Have seen my mom struggling with Yarn balls 😛
    Secondly the vocabulary and the flow of the poetry is excellent. Immense potential.. I felt i could have been a bit longer..
    Thirdly coming to the jist of the poem, Most of the time, “Love is EVIL, spell it back it will show ya” 😀

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  3. But it is…as each pain or fear (usually both), is tackled, we undo years of painstaking patterns, to begin again, correcting the odd stitch here or there, and slowly a more beautiful pattern combines with others to finally create a love like nothing else.
    But first the mistakes, they have great purpose, to teach us that we can redo, go back a step or two, and even change colors mid stride…because we are the creators of that beauty we are building within…and each and every step is a learning, a confirmation in its outcome of what we are wanting in our lives.
    So, throw the wool in your life across the room, come back later after absorbing that lesson…and later, because your heart asks you to, pick it back up again and add the change that you want…or not. But you will always change, whether you do or not want to play with the wool again…each step a little closer to that thing we all seek in our lives…the happiness of that self love that we struggle with in each stitch of our lives.
    Its there, just waiting…a place with a pattern like nothing else 😀

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  4. True love is unconditional. If you love someone truly you can’t afford to unlove him/her. But the reality is true love is rarely found and most of the time its affection and attraction which one thinks is love which is not the case at all. They pretend themselves to be in love which was not love at all and at the end with whom he/she claims to be in love starts hating and neglecting to a great extent. If it was love in real sense how one can hurt his/her beloved?Sometimes it happens people take u turn suddenly and u know never come to know what went wrong exactly. You might be wondering what was your fault but you won’t be able to get answer from other side. This punishment is difficult to bear.

    A great creation from your side. Liked it a lot. Nice work indeed. 🙂

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  5. Asha lovely poem on loving and unloving. Time is the answer to heal the wound created by love. It may be any case as someone close not there or a girl getting married and leaves the family – any kind of love will be soothed only with time. we try to change our minds and focus on the reality and there we give the heart again a chance to fall in love with another. lovely words comapring them to knitting. 🙂
    Missed lot of your posts. will try to keep up ……….

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    1. Your words are so gratifying. Meena 🙂 And yes, second chances make live easier only if we are human enough to grant our hearts the liberty. It’s always a pleasure to see you around and read your words. Hope all’s well and happening at your end!

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  6. Our life is just like a fabric

    The knitters are


    Our friends

    Family and the most imp bieng God

    Emotions and feelings are to be woven correctly

    So that the fabric looks elegant

    Good morning dear Asha

    Have a nice day

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              1. College…

                It’s becoming

                College of sweet memories.

                Day by day.

                The buildings, the corridors, the narrow lanes, lush green lawns.

                And the college canteen!

                Full of buzz..laughter..we are humming bees.

                To gather nectar of knowlege.

                I am inching forward

                Towards my goal.

                Kehkasha is my best friend

                Always there with me 👭

                Our class teacher Prutha madam is a wonderful person

                Ex-student herself..

                Mostly behaves with us like us 😊

                I am mostly busy with my project at the research centre.

                A lot to write

                But time constraint.

                Happy news …

                I got 8.8 sgpa score last year.

                Good morning Dear Asha..have a wonderful day.

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  7. Ok one thing I do know that as much as it hurts when you love and don’t get it back in return one thing comes through …at least you know you can love deserve to be loved.


  8. Love is an unfathomable beast, it has no logic most of the time. If your love is not reciprocated then move on for there are many more out there more deserving.


    1. It is a very debatable topic for me. While some confess eternal love, but no sooner have they uttered the words, they are attracted toward another. So then, is love really there? And if it was not reciprocated, should one not move on?
      You tend to think in so many ways! The brain does tire. Phew!!


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