She daydreams
about the handsome princes
and knights in shining armor
the queens in glorious gowns
and castles with secrets galore

She’s mesmerized
by the magic conjured by wands
by the beauty of invisibility cloaks
by cursed rings, poisoned apples,
the elves, hobbits, and dwarfs

Her world lies between the pages
filled with miracles and fairytales
the real world is as insipid
as are the people and the places

She lavishes her days
amidst worded treasures
of the world around
She’s oblivious as ever


Asha Seth

70 thoughts on “Oblivious

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  1. As i read your words at that very beginning they move my spirit, you are a wonderful writer, and much like myself when I was much younger! I love the way you are dear sister, perfectly made by God. Here is a poem you will
    like I know…keep it in your pocket for a later time.

    A Prayer For A Genuine Seeking Heart

    May your dreams become a lovely reality
    May you find that special one you need
    One who will put you far ahead of them
    While daily striving to satisfy your needs

    May they be one whose heart is truly selfless
    One who will always seek to be genuinely true
    May they greet your precious smile each day,
    With a priceless gift of love born for only you

    May your hearts seek to become one together
    Never ever wanting a single day to be apart
    May God bless your life with a priceless gem
    A reward for your faithful pleasing heart

    For God will hear your fervent prayers nightly
    While embracing their true pureness alive within
    Wanting to answer them very perfectly for you
    With someone spiritually special chosen by Him.

    Wendell A. Brown

    Have a very beautiful day, and know you are always included in my prayers! God bless you and your family my sister!

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  2. Ah, the glorious escape, of hours spent somewhere else. Walking through vivid forests and having adventures…I am with you on this one, book time is so beautiful. As is sharing it with other like minded people of course.

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          1. Well after Maps for Lost Lovers, I thought I would go for something light so I am reading Crabs on the Rampage because everybody enjoys cheesy horror books and about horse sized crabs killing everything in sight. I think we need to find a way to adventure together more.

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“I love writing. I love the swirl and swing of words as they tangle with human emotions.” ― James A. Michener

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