When I’m Gone…

When I’m gone…
baby, walk the meadows,
where the dew tickled our toes
where we’d lie for hours
consumed with love

in that moment, I’ll be with you

When I’m gone…
baby, sit by the pond,
we’d toss pebbles into
and watched them
leave ripples on the surface
in that moment, I’ll be with you

When I’m gone…
baby, climb the hills
we’d wave the sun goodbye from
and sealed the day with a kiss
in that moment, I’ll be with you

When I’m gone…
baby, read Frost, Calvino, and Poe
that we’d wallow in sitting by the fire
in that moment, I’ll be with you

When I’m gone…
I want you to feel no grief
shed no tear, evade despair

baby, just know this
like the moss that cushions the stones
your love cushioned my damaged soul.


Asha Seth

65 Replies to “When I’m Gone…”

  1. So, was going through your cauldron, couldn’t help but notice the theme of unrequited love cutting across most poems. Must say, you do make some compact and intense poetry out here.

    PS: What’s with the recurring motif of black heartins between verses?

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    1. Yes, it perennially perplexes me as to how and what people experience when they are stuck in that limbo of loving and losing at the same time. Ive tried to capture that from different perspectives, time and again.
      As for the heartins, they create just enough breaks between stanzas as i desire. Nothing peculiar.
      Be around. I love reading your random thoughts.


      1. I have lost a 21 year bro myself in an accident. And a dear sister like friend when she committed suicide… difficult situations… yet God allows those things for us to go through so that we can be used as His powerful instruments in future.

        Sorry for your loss Asha.

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  2. A mention of Calvino always makes me happy my friend as does your emotive words, each one etching itself into my soul and making me think and appreciate how rich language is in the right hands.

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    1. Your words are delightful, Jyoti. However, I believe true love is not merely an element of fiction. It thrives in every effort made to make the other happy and feel loved. 🙂


    1. Yes, this is something I’d like to do for my loved ones. Assure them that I’ll be okay when I’m gone if they promise to keep themselves well.
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts, John.😃

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    1. Right you are, Jerry. I’ve always seconded the thought of having life behind in people and things one loves, even after they’re gone. It’s subjective though, how one perceives it. What say?

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      1. I say you touched on it quite well Asha. Too much we focus on how someone died and not how they lived and the impact that they make in our life and the moments we share. In this case in your post it is with someone that the person was intimate with so their moments were moments that only they shared but the point is well taken …to cherish our moments with friends and family

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“I love writing. I love the swirl and swing of words as they tangle with human emotions.” ― James A. Michener

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