Blue is the day
so is the air I breathe
the sky I look at
reflects how I feel

Blue is my heart
and the blood in my veins
 so is the sea that hides
what lies far away


Asha Seth


99 thoughts on “Blue

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  1. blue are my scars
    blue is my day
    the blueness of the vast sky
    under which i lay

    i look for the blue ocean
    to drown all my miseries
    i look for a bluebird
    to sing me to sleep.

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        1. Oh super. You so so much which I find so interesting. How do manage everything, Mani?
          Durga Puja amazes me so much. I have it on the wish-list to witness the celebrations first-hand by being in WB sometime. 🙂 I’ve been okay. Looking forward to seeing some pictures from you of the puja. I hope. 🙂

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              1. Yay! Blogging! hahaa ❤ I look forward to reading more of your blog sweetheart but I should prob try to get a bit more sleep first! 🙂

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  2. Well, I have been away too long, a little ill! But here is a poem you can read whenever you are feeling blue Asha!

    A Touch Of Bliss

    Wake up in smiles
    because you are alive
    as God permitted you
    to see another day

    Welcoming the sun
    into your life as it
    brings a very special
    peace which stays

    Greet all you meet
    with a pleasant hello
    and while you do, you
    will feel very blessed

    As you see each one
    whom you did greet
    become alive with His
    touch of eternal bliss.

    Wendell A. Brown

    Asha, your kind heart and spirit moves and inspires others, always know God created you that way and allows you to share his love with others with all you create! You are always a blessing to me dear sister!!!

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          1. My laziness was at its peak this weekend.🙈 Cannot be lazier than this.
            Wasted it in watching series.😄
            I’m glad at least for someone being lazy means writing.😁
            Hope you wrote stuff!😍

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            1. Haha! Yes, I’m a bit queer that way. But I didn’t really do much. What series did you watch? My sister is behind my life for watching GoT. But I just find the time. Now, that is what I call laziness. 😛 How goes the week so far?

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              1. Right now Quantico. HIMYM is still pending, left it in mid-half to start Quantico. Sacrifices, you know.😢😜
                I got to start GoT also. Have a lot to cover.😝😄
                Week just started. Ask me this question on Sunday. I might be able to respond it in a better way that day.😛
                You are not into series?

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                1. Ahh! Series not really, it asks for way too much time and commitment. I am not a stickler for those kind of things. Last, I guess was HIMYM, FRIENDS, and umm… Sherlock Holmes. Geez, you really watch a lot of TV. When do you find the time to write? JK. 😛

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                  1. 😄😅 Good question!
                    HIMYM got started in june, I guess. Now it’s October and I’m still at fifth season. So it takes me no time to start a series but lot of time to finish one. So yeah, that might be compensating for my writing time.😛😄

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  3. I love the colour blue and its myriad connotations in terms of diverse meaning as well. I was near the sea last week and I liked to think I could get a blow up dinghy and travel right the way around the world to come and see you.

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  4. by the way after re reading it how about this for a different take on Blue ….you say you are blue …hence in the positive sense you are trustworthy, h0nest and loyal, reliable and responsible …

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“I love writing. I love the swirl and swing of words as they tangle with human emotions.” ― James A. Michener

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