I wasn’t drunk…

I wasn’t drunk

when I spun my life around us

I wasn’t drunk

when I emptied my secrets

laid myself bare open

showed you into the room

where my fragile insecurities hid

naked as my ripped open heart

I wasn’t drunk

no, I wasn’t.

But I guess I’m drunk now

for I can’t see clear

those shifting shadows

is it you

or somebody else?

Guess I’m drunk now

for the restlessness shows

through my fickle scribbles

Guess I’m drunk now

look how I stammer

stumble, and fall

in the abyss




in the blankness



Asha Seth

86 Replies to “I wasn’t drunk…”

  1. I have missed coming here, sorry for the delay, moving, internet installation and all that but what a great poem to come back too. The question is was she drunk in the first half of the poem or in the second and was it metaphotical or real…I love it.

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    1. I’m glad it’s all sorted now. How is work? The poem was written in a state of haze in a time when writing wasn’t on the cards for me. It’s immature and somehow I like that about it. You got a point though. I’d like to believe drunk in the first half is what it is. Love makes you go high, act bizarre and spend years in a hangover you’d rather wash out of. Sound silly?

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      1. No it sounded perfectly right my friend. I like it and I always like that you make me consider your words, it is a good feeling. I start my new job in less than two hours now so a bit nervous.

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          1. I am settled around the house, had my first shift the other day so will need to get used to that now but its good. I haven’t done too much exploring, been to a couple of parks and the city centre is bustling which is nice. It’s still almost like a holiday though at the moment but with unpacking still to be done.

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  2. The way you describe the phase which the lady goes through and how she fails to accept the truth is fantabulous ❤
    Interpreting the second part was difficult though it was totally worth it.
    Amazed by the style of your writing.

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  3. i wasn’t drunk,
    when i heard
    you knock.
    when i let you in
    to my secrets
    untold, untouched
    soul for you to
    rip apart in
    shreds of guilt,
    i guess, i was;
    i was drunk
    on you.
    that i let
    you through.

    beautiful poem……..loved it!! 🙂 🙂

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“I love writing. I love the swirl and swing of words as they tangle with human emotions.” ― James A. Michener

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