Leftovers from Christmas

What’s it about Christmas that makes me secretly so happy inside? Why do I feel like you feel on a  reunion with an old friend? That’s because, of all festivals, Christmas is a favorite. And here’s why.

Celebrations of Diwali, Holi and most other Indian festivals entail merry-making along-side creating inconsiderate chaos. Bursting firecrackers, blaring vulgar music, reckless indulgences, are mere profligate ways of supercilious exhibition of one’s religious and traditional beliefs. It is my firm belief that the true essence of these festivals is long lost.

Christmas, however, is still exquisitely immaculate. There’s joy while there’s peace. Glorification and gratification, both, cherished with a most serene reverence of the almighty. Somewhere between adoring and desiring, Christmas was everything I sought as a kid. Wanting to meet Santa Claus was a dream right out of a fairy-tale. Ever since then, Christmas has held a special place in my heart.

Personally, Christmas is about fond memories from school days. Merry-making in the confines of the school which actually meant strict discipline. The meagre freedom to be oneself with no-one to inquire of whereabouts was so liberating. Corridors to classrooms dazzled with glee faces. Reigning silence from regular school hours was replaced with chirpiness of students and teachers alike.

Christmas is around the corner. And once again, vague and vivid memories from back then overwhelm me. My heart’s heavy with the surge of emotions. I’m craving all of it while feeling satiated all the same. It’s an extraordinary feeling. One I want to relive with all its craziness and absurdity, all the follies and frolics. And the very next moment, I bite back tears, swallow the lump choking my throat, knowing just how things have changed.

In 8th grade, I’d directed a tableau which not only did bag the first prize but went on to become a benchmark for coming years. The Christmas Tableau. For 2 years, my registration was not even considered by the committee heads. I was too young to direct something as enormous as a tableau for the School Christmas Eve.

Right from selecting the members to deciding costumes, setting up the props to shortlisting the singing crew, it formed an everlasting experience. Just how half the school sang ‘Silent Night’ when it played in the tableau, is even today, etched in my mind, fresh as the early morning sun.

The best and most peculiar thing about Christmas though, was the treats that we received in school. Plum cakes, a tetra-pack of Frooti, a pack of Peppy friums and Melody chocolates. Then, even the simplest things took us kids by storm. I still remember how I would peek into homes for a look at the glistening Christmas trees and long for one in my house.Being a Hindu, never had Christmas celebrations at home. And so, the Christmas celebrations at school was the closest I got to.

For me, Christmas, is about this feeling, about these nostalgic memories, loved and longed for.

To you, dear reader,

Merry Christmas! 🎅🎄 🎁💕


Asha Seth

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  1. Oh sweet, sweet Asha how I loved reading this…you just made my heart swell! Not to mention your writing is just a dream to read but your heart is so beautiful, I hope your Christmas was just as you wished and more! ❤ ❤ ❤


      1. You deserve all the nice things said sweetheart! My time was good as well and my new year is fantastic! I hope you are doing good and smiling this very minute! XO!!


  2. I pray your Christmas was truly blessed! I was dealing with an MS episode, but I wanted to let you know I did not forget you my sister. You always provide ones heart a spiritual and inspiring lift! Thanks for always sharing the radiance from your heart and spirit! God bless!


    1. Oh my goodness! Wendell. How are you now? It’s a sad thing to know what you had to go through. God be with you and hoping you have a healthy and hearty year ahead.


  3. Dear Asha
    Your post makes me nostalgic
    I still remember in higher secondary school days we used to make a big star..and hang it down the top of school building
    Just two days before holidays there would be no school periods
    Cleaning and decorating school
    Singing Christmas carols
    Greeting card competition
    The best of 10 greeting cards were put on notice board by Rev Father Alex Quadros
    Party enjoyment and dance on 23rd Dec

    Refer to my post Refreshing Sweet Memories


  4. I could relate to this beautiful post on so many levels including how the closest you got to celebrating Christmas was at school and the Peppy Friums bit hints you are almost my age cause we got similar stuff in our school too 🙂
    Sending loads of festive cheer and holiday joys your way!


    1. That’s one of the few comments that made me so happy. It’s delighting to know that we’ve shared same memories, in a way or other. I love to meet same-aged readers, ’cause you match so much in the wavelength. 😉

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  5. Your writing and website are both so beautiful. This was a lovely post, Asha, and I’m looking forward to enjoying more. Happy holidays and a lovely new year to you!


  6. Its the same feelings for me as well. Trying to stay up late to see Santa putting the presents under my tree, yet I dose off. Then, I wake up to bikes and other Christmas things. Those are the memories I’ll never forget. Merry Christmas, Asha 😉


    1. I found your comment so late, Anthony. So replying only now. The festive season was all good for me. Having a tree under my roof will always remain a dream for me. So it always excites me to know what fun friends are doing. Such pleasant memories, you bet. What did you find this year?
      The part from Harry Potter is very heartwarming when Harry wakes up on Christmas dawn to find his first ever present – the cloak. I watch that scene from the movie each year on Christmas. Don’t ask me why.

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      1. I found some cool stuff to workout in and a jacket. Also 2 Nintendo games to add to my collection. I still have the orignal system I play from time to time☺ Its so cool how imagery worlds can touch us and make us happy. I hope I can do that one day with my work, but not sure if I can be as huge as Harry Potter books are, but I’ll try. Also I don’t mind the late response. Any response from you is always well worth the wait 😀


        1. That’s cool. And yes, things we love make us all feel very differently. Any feat is great if it’s born from your toil and sweat and if you’ve got your heart in it. It doesn’t have to be Harry Potterish. But we all so wish, isn’t it? 😛

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      1. Exams :/
        I am back with a post and I would be regular from now, I assure that 🙂
        I was a bit sick and then exams came up that lasted for a month. got rid of them on 20th and posted on 22nd 🙂
        You say, how have you been?


          1. Yes Asha, I am better now 🙂
            Hey, don’t you think life should be fast, though I admire stillness and slowness I think it’s better when fast paced 🙂 achha first leave your review on my latest post🙈🙈🙈 sorry thoda self publicity ke liye, and yes I will contact you on gmail as soon as possible 🙂 stay happy, good day 🙂


            1. Yes, but I rather enjoy every moment of every minute, than witness them in passing. But then I’d be bored of too slow a life too. 😋
              I’m off to checking your post. It excites me when it’s shared exclusively like this. 😍

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  7. Absolutely Asha. Christmas has something about it, that serenity, that sanity. You just say the word, and you find peace.
    And Christmas trees are always a delight to eyes.😍
    Merry Christmas Asha!🎆🎄🎁😃


  8. All festivals bring people together irrespective of the religion !
    There are those who celebrate them sticking to minimalism as well as those who take it over the top indulging in an orgy of excess !! No matter what the festival and what the religion! Christmas too is not an exception !!

    Your recollection of christmas in school days was really cool!!
    Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year 2017!!


  9. Thank you, Asha. You feel Christmas as most of us do; the memories and feelings and family. Perhaps that’s not the true meaning of Christmas, but if we all experience good memories and feelings, then that is a great step. Best to you!


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