Year-End Jitters

As the year draws to an end, why is there a heightened sense of urgency?

Why is there a yearning to have realized every dream, have every wish fulfilled? Why do my feet ache for a globetrotting escapade, to leave footprints in Rome, Russia, and all the cities on my checklist?

Why does the heart wish for a chance encounter with everyone ever loved and longed for? Why does my mind tame my conscience to explore the unfair means, opt for infamous choices, and do crazy things?

Why am I prejudiced despite germane rationales, making opinions beyond logical restrictions?

Why do I want to read all the books on my TBR, listen to all the favorite songs, dance to every tune? Why is there a rush to watch all the movies on my hard disk? Perhaps, embark on a Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, FRIENDS, and Tintin marathon…

Why is there an incessant need to write for hours, scribble down everything, every thought, every muse? Or just play with my pet dog, just make merry, till we are both breathless, exhausted?

Why does every passing day leave a sense of insufficiency, a sort of restlessness, like I’m levitating in a limbo? Why is there this lingering feeling – what if the impending new year is not as felicitous?

Most importantly,

Why do I feel there’s not enough time? Why?


What does the last vestige of the year make you feel like? Are you equally in jitters? Or are you busy making new year resolutions?

Asha Seth

60 thoughts on “Year-End Jitters

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    1. It’s never too late, especially that you are finally here. Thank you for the wishes. Hoping you are having a nice year so far.
      The post was very draining. Capturing my restless mind. So all compliments are received with cheer. 🤓

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      1. I read it thrice because I was asked to connect to it.. yes… just came back from Manipur.. to Hyderabad..
        Wishes and prayers are always there no matter where I am.. 🙂

        Still stuck with the charge sheet of the naked celebration show our country put on on the 31 st eve.. !!
        Pls tc of yourself and stay safe !! 🙂


  1. No, not like that. For instance, I love my job. I’m doing what I love to do. I work as a senior copywriter at an agency. I mean it’s a dream job for many. And how many can really say I do what I love. So yes, that’s me. And yet, there’s an urge at times to quit everything. Go away to some place unknown, unfamiliar. And start over. Get that?


  2. Yes, kind of. Like you find something interesting and try it for some days , than you don’t find it as interesting as you thought it would be, so you look for something else…is this what you meant?


  3. Stay happy that you are asking for more time. I am killing time here, searching for something I don’t know, I haven’t seen, I haven’t felt. Things that I am yet unaware about, that Google won’t tell. And in the process, I am just killing time, doing nothing 😦
    I am happy you want more time 🙂


  4. There is such a sense of urgency in me right now to accomplish so many endeavors! It is a test of patience and a constant juggling act. The worst part of this start to the New Year is the extremely cold and uninviting weather where I live. I think my jitters stem from nature’s restraints and feeling closed in. Wonderful post!


    1. I feel that way too about winters; I ain’t particularly fond of chilly stinging winds. I like it in the mornings though with light sun rays making me feel warmer.
      I guess we all feel and act similarly when it comes to non-achievement of planned endeavors. But I’m right beside you so don’t feel down about it. 😛
      How were the holidays, Anne?


      1. Very nice and relaxing, but I was ready to go back to my regular routine with the kids! I am starting an online herbal class today that I am very excited about! Thank you for asking! Any new endeavors for you this year?


        1. Nothing more than the ones listed in the post, Anne. Wish you a successful one with the herbal class, which I must say sounds very interesting to me. What exactly do you teach?


          1. That’s plenty. I wish you success this year in all your aspirations! I don’t teach anything yet, other than life skills to my children🙂. Hopefully, one day, I can teach others in my community the vast amount of healing abilities of herbal remedies though. Here’s to DREAMS!💞


  5. End of the year for me was travelling 🙂 Lot to think but I will probably go along with the flow for now 🙂 😀 Have a great year ahead and may you get most of all 🙂 Cheers.


  6. If only we didn’t have to slave away at jobs most of us hate. Think of all the creativity, the joy and the adventures. Last year I became resigned to never finishing all the books I wish to read, or even make a dent in them for that matter. However my reading adventures have found me so many wonderful friends that it sustains me for another year. As long I do that I will be good. Happy New Year my friend.


    1. I also regret not finishing all the books I wished to. But I did not make any new friends also. But no regrets on that front. I’ve had a god year with the near and dear ones.
      How have you been? I’ve missed not having you around.
      How goes the new year, J?

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  7. Hey Asha
    I don’t believe in Resolutions. You know why?
    Because I feel we already have a lot of things which are messed up in our life. No?
    Instead of commiting a new resolution why don’t we make good out of those things which are already messed up in our life. 😊


    1. Exactly my point too, Sumit. Resolutions, I find, are intimidating, they belittle me as and when I am nearing incompletion of defined goals. I am more of a go with the flow person. I need to not know what’s going to happen today or on the morrow. An element of surprise is what keeps me going each day. Shouldn’t it be that way?

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  8. Great post like always Asha.

    The time flew….Time flies and time will fly.
    What a amazing thing the time is.

    The glimpses of past are too small to catch
    And the dreamy visions of future are too vast to dream
    At the present too….time is flying and flowing
    Soon to be past

    How strange

    Have a safe trip to 2017


  9. I think Asha we have all had that wandering spirit whereby Time is of the essence that we wish to complete everything all at once.. And that there is not enough time to complete all we wish to accomplish..

    Time needs to be conquered.. For Time is but an illusion.. The best time spent is within ..Exploring the mind of yourself..

    Wishing you a Beautiful Journey in your discoveries of your Inner world..

    Love and Many Blessings Sue..
    Happy New Year to you and yours


    1. Your humble and kind thoughts delight me, Sue. 🙂 Time is magnanimous and we must all be patient, I feel. And getting to the depths of me, is something I wish to do this year. 😛
      May you have a joyous one, Sue. Loads of love. 🙂

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  10. At the end of every year, the last day is reserved only for contemplation. Jitters are complimentary. Mulling over all the good and all the bad that has been experienced;musing over every opportunity taken or missed, the what-ifs flooding in; looking forward to a new year, a new beginning. Tentative, expectant, inquisitive, and hesitant. A lot can happen over a single day but this is the start of a whole new year. The possibilities rush toward me. Some uplifting, some unnerving, but i welcome them all, all the same. Come what may, this year is not the same as the last. I am not the same. We all grow a little with passing time. Some grow better, some grow wiser, while others grow closer. This is all a part of the magical influence Time can have. A very Happy New Year!

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    1. Very true and spoken my heart out. The rush of possible opportunities make me happy and anxious too. I like this bit – We all grow a little with passing time. Some grow better, some grow wiser, while others grow closer. Bravo!
      And welcome to my blog, Ditzy. Happy a cheerful year ahead.:)

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  11. I personally feel the end of year the time to evaluate ourselves what we were in the past ,what we are in the present and what we want to be in the future. That’s my point of view.

    This year has been overall very good for me …mostly focusing on studies which is the important part for me at the present…I feel it’s time for hard work to achieve my goals from the future point of view.

    Life is incomplete without friends too


    1. You’re right, Kiran. It’s about reflections, introspection and retrospection. Cherish much the good memories, walk over the sad ones and leave them behind.

      Have a beautiful year ahead, sweety. Accomplish more than you can imagine. 🙂

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  12. Limited time is the most important ingredient which brings in Taste to everything. We always complain that we got so little time with the person or things we love ! But the idea that we’ve got a limited time makes the same set of people or things much more adorable than it would be otherwise.
    And the feeling of urgency to do everything now is a common feeling I also share.

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    1. Thank you, Rahul. It’s a relief to know I’m not alone. 😛 And yes, there’s an overflow of affection for those we love, when we know there ain’t much time left.
      How goes the new year?

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