A Fresh Canvas

I’m a wanderer with nomadic thoughts. Never settled, never stable. A restless mind dominates my nerves; I run bored of things easily, losing interest, the heart to pursue on. Such a kid, the mind is.

With another year knocking at the door, waste makes haste. Peeking into every possible nook and cranny, the conscience tries to tidy the room of all the mess made, and resolves to rectify the follies; get more organised before inviting the New Year in.

It’s a resolution-free year, simply because I didn’t manage well the past year’s. I didn’t learn to swim, couldn’t save enough to buy a pet vet van; in short, everything in the name of resolutions went sinking down the drain. Oh dear! The Goodreads failure was abysmal; the disappointment daunting. With pea-sized confidence, I have nor the will neither the heart, to suffer another setback, and so won’t be setting up a schedule this year.

A pleasant change however is that I have bought myself a few dozen books ready to be embarked upon. So I am eager to sail in the wordly oceans on exciting bookish trips. Writing as always will take a backstage compared to the reading, like every year. It’s more of choice than chance. Really! Facing the facts – I hardly managed running a 150 kms in the whole year. In 365days*24hours. Well, that makes me want to go hide under a rock. A goal side-lined then forgotten! Hoping still, in the heart of my hearts, to hit the running track often in 2k17.

An altogether different plan this year one which I have begun working on, is having a kitty of my favourite snippets from Harry Potter series. For this, Instagram is the right platform. I have never fully utilised the medium and so this year, I aim to have about 500 extracts from the series; each book, each chapter, each scene. Simply, so I can have my own cosy little Potter nook for those sultry days when I’m craving for a Potter palate.You can knock here @_silver_doe_ if you are an equally crazy Potter nerd!

Living a minimalistic 2017 goes without saying or else this year too, the pet vet van remains out of reach. An important target I’ve set myself is completing the novella I’m working on for Dad. Hoping to gift it to him this year, on his birthday in August. So I have 6 months to finish with the writing, and 1 month for editing and finally printing it. Phew! That’s among other things such as buying myself a vintage used typewriter; I’ve dreamt for it since forever.

With that, I’m ready to paint the canvas. That’s all folks!

What are your plans or promises for 2017?

-Asha Seth

81 thoughts on “A Fresh Canvas

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  1. Asha, the colored canvas reflects what is alive within your wonderful spirit! You are blessed with many gifts, so share them all with the world…as the colorful canvas so you are truly blessed with a kind, genuine heart, which is your most valuable gift from God! Hugs!


  2. All the best!!! and Happy New Year……..i am the same…..in terms of doing a lot of things…..i loose focus…..and everything becomes a disaster waiting to happen……. 🙂 🙂


  3. Well you have captured here the exact thoughts we all tend to have when a year ends. It’s funny. The year ends but the days don’t. I had a wonderful year of learning and hope to continue the same this year.
    How have you been Asha.
    Happy new year. 🙂


    1. The year ends, the days don’t. That’s exactly what I meant to say. You’ve put it well.
      I’ve been all right. All ready in the grind of days, come and gone. Wondering what lies ahead.

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  4. How I would love to teach you to swim! It is so easy! and frees your soul! I love to read your post as you know by now Asha…truly each time I find a bit more out about you and it makes me even more glad to know you than before! I myself do not believe in resolutions it seems to me they set a person up to feel disappointed in themselves and there is no need for that. You have these things you want to accomplish and I say yes Asha you will have your van and you will learn to swim like a liddle mermaid! It is all about timing dear girl and when your time is right you will know it! The main thing here is that I have read you say you have hope!!! keeping hope alive is the key beautiful!! Read your heart out and Potter it up sweetheart! haha whatever feeds you and makes you, you! XOXO! ❤


  5. To finish and publish my first book. The manuscript is almost done ☺ Also to read more. I haven’t been reading books like I should, but I’m looking to finish atleast a book a month. Somewhat simple goals. Also I didn’t know you were on Instagram. I’ll find you and follow you right away! 😁😁


    1. That seems like a job for you. Best of luck, Anthony and I can’t tell how eager I am to lay hands on it once you’re done with it.Well, bingo on that one. I too aim to finish at least a book a month. What are you reading presently? As you may have got a glimpse already, I’m latched on to Harry Potter book 1.

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          1. That’s crazy to hear, but everyone has their own opinion. I think it’s great, but I just haven’t read it to be a huge fan of it. It took a lot of work to make it as big as she did and for her work on creating all this imaginary stuff is enough for me to know its good. It takes a lot of patience and writing to do what she did with Harry Potter.


  6. Hi Asha,

    A very thoughtful blog post, I recently commented on something like this myself so it was interesting to read this. For me this year is about improving my situation generally, realistic goals rather than New Year resolutions, more of a checklist for where I want to be come year end. Four points, two of them to do with my life in general and two of them to do with my writing, all realistic though I hope. We’ll see I suppose.

    All the best for the year.

    Regards, Tom.


  7. Don’t know about rest of the things, but Instagram’s one is on track. 😉 Now I understood why so many captures of Potter books. I resolved the mystery. 😀
    Actually, unlike many, it is for 2017 that I have made resolutions, which is different from my previous years when I didn’t pay much heed to the resolutions thing. Hope it goes well. *fingers-crossed*
    And all the best for your novella. ❤ Won't you be posting its progress's updates on WordPress or anywhere?


    1. Thank you and that’s very kind of you to say.
      I have already started capturing snippets and have posted about 10 on my Instagram page. No plans as such. Why? You seem to have one. Please share.


  8. It’s commendable how you plan even in the face of your past failures, but really,those failures that you’ve mentioned are failures as such,it’s called life. Nothing ever goes as planned in life. So dont big yourself down. You’ve started 2017 on the right note. We’re waiting for that novella too 😊


    1. One never stops living, then why stop hoping. Isn’t it? 😛
      Now that you’ve assured me well, I’ll try and not nag on myself much. 😀 The novella is a work to be persistent with. I hope I accomplish the mammoth job.

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          1. A little under the weather. New Year is OK. Still in the process of re-evaluation and deciding which direction to head. How are you?


  9. Dear Asha… me too not made any resolutions except focusing on studies and enjoying every free moment of life as it is …no plans …that’s right if things don’t happen in our own way we get bored and distracted easily …I feel that we should have a break and progress step by step …hope your wishes take a successful turn towards completion…today is a saree day in our college …right now fumbling with the saree but mother is there to help me 😊😊😀


  10. I’ve learned long ago for New Year’s eve resolution is not to make any but to have them in your back pocket to work on in small steps. No resolution no stress. It is good to make short term and long term plans to strive for but they have to be in reason and no time limit. Stress once again and why put that poison in your body. Hope you had a festive season and be well.


    1. Optimistic and realistic. I like it, Jo. I have said goodbye to all resolutions. But yes, I’m planning on following random goals like bed-time prayers, feeding strays, donating to charity, etc. I’m happy to see you here after long.
      I’ve had a good time and now already in routine with the new year.
      How’ve you been? How was Christmas and New Year’s?

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      1. Such noble causes for your goals. Admirable. I spent the holidays with friends. They kept me busy as this first Christmas is a sensitive one. New Years day and evening are just another day for me. Spent that evening on the computer and managed to bring the New Year in. What did you do?


        1. Christmas eve, I spent at the church and bought sweets for the kids. Made new year’s cards for family and friends and put them in the post. New year’s day is family time since childhood. We went to the movies since every place else is nearly dying of suffocation with people crowding up. I too managed writing a bit that evening and posted this. That’s more or less everything.

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