Sun’s Secret Affair

I watch and wonder

as the sun sets.

Where to it goes

before it sinks?

When it hides itself

behind the clouds,

for a fraction of time,

where to goes the sun?



too overwhelmed

for parting with its lover.


it kisses the sky

behind the clouds

before it bids adieu

before it finally sinks.


On countless evenings, I have noticed it. And have found myself curious. 
‘Why does the sun hide behind the clouds before it sinks?’
And I wrote on it.
But the title’s  a makeshift as I’m lost for a befitting one.
Any ideas for a better title?
What do you think of ‘Sun’s Secret Affair’?


Asha Seth

112 thoughts on “Sun’s Secret Affair

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  1. I never paid much heed to this perennial scenic beauty. Your poem seems to shout out that I should not miss an opportunity to witness such an intriguing beauty, Asha. ❤ 🙂


    1. Well then that’s better. I’d love to read the priceless pieces you bring forth to the feast of words we thus celebrate, time and again. Aditi. 😉
      P.S.: Still awaiting your message about ‘something’ you said earlier.

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  2. And knowing me, I love to go into insolent periods of ignorance. Takes my mind off the insignificant and insufferable lot. Couldnt have them come sooner, could I?🤓


  3. Such a romantic poem, the feel of mystery and the thought of never knowing. It transcends the hard science and feels like it comes from an earlier time. I think the title works just fine my friend.


    1. Just how have I missed you! Without getting to know what you feel, it feels just so incomplete. Truly!
      I will never really know what mood I was in when I conceived the thought, but I was happy with the outcome nevertheless. The title looks fine to me too, now that my heart’s settled with the gracious comments of so many of my friends here, including yourself.
      How’ve you been buddy?

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      1. Ah, you honour me, my friend! I like the enigma of writing, what do we feel as we write, we are so wrapped up in the feeling we don’t know, yet is cascades through us with intenseness as we create.

        I am doing well, living the life of a hermit when I can and reading as much as possible rather than having a social life. I prefer it.


        1. I can imagine it better now that you mention it, J. About the intensity that wraps us when we crave to write when we feel things and never wanna miss. The upcoming piece of poetry took the good of me. And I can’t say I’m truly fully happy with it, but at least it captures what I want to say – which is what I feel when I write.
          Hoping that makes sense.
          Ahh! I would glad swap places with you – to live as a hermit. Too overwhelmed with things at present. It’s reading that’s keeping me sane.

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          1. Escapism is the best form of excuse for people claiming we are being ignorant, I find hehe.

            I am always here to lend an ear as and when you need my friend and that shall be in about ten minutes!


  4. What a nicely penned poem on something that seems so ordinary but which you have managed to make so intriguing. 🙂 The title is also apt and captivating!


  5. In Native American Myth. The sun and he moon were lover. The father didn’t want them to be together. He made one the moon and the other the sun. The father didn’t know. The sun and moon would meet twice daily. The dust and the dawn.


    1. Thanks Alok. I do like ‘And I kiss you good night!’ Although now it has set my mind working on another piece.
      I absolutely loved your post on sunsets. I find anything else little beautiful and divine as a perfectly blended sunset. So your post was a treat to the soul.

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  6. this is remarkable……..loved the thought and expression……….and about the title: how about just ‘Sun’s secret’……. 🙂 🙂


    1. Yeah, the mystery had lingered in my thoughts for quite some years now. Not writing or giving it a face would’ve been unfair.
      I like ‘Sun’s Secret’ better. But opting to go with popular opinion. Hope that’s fine. 🤓

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“I love writing. I love the swirl and swing of words as they tangle with human emotions.” ― James A. Michener

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