A paroxysm to sire.

A wanderlust, a desire.

Soledad, I come home.

Wish for a glass of Merlot

and dream of Rome

Following my mind,

you pull me close

‘Leave behind the mires’,

you urge me so.


In the dark of the room,

you lead me on.

Tease me, seduce me,

on the desk, then the porch.


In the scintillating darkness,

I pin you to the sheets.

Ink you with passion,

watch you wriggle and writhe.


In the gentle tweaking

of my fingers,

I see you twist and curl.

As minutes become hours,

you bleed in my colours.


The fierce and the fragile

unleash every emotion.

As night approaches dawn,

divinely, both are undone.


Breathless but relaxed,

yearning yet satisfied,

a thing of sheer beauty yourself,

And oh, just how I’m fully alive!


Asha Seth

152 thoughts on “Wordseduction

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    1. Thank you, Sayanti.
      It’s one of my favorites. Not because how it came out to be, what because of what it took off me. It was a lovely experience penning this one.
      Appreciate your kind words.
      I’ll be around yours soon enough, dearest. 🤓


    1. It’s a pleasure to know that, Prakash. It’s totally uplifting to know that all you lovely readers enjoyed reading it as much as I loved writing it.
      My favorite though is this:

      a thing of sheer beauty yourself,

      And oh, just how I’m fully alive!

      Liked by 1 person

  1. armed with passion,
    desires of your *sigh*
    i unleash every arsenal,
    aimed at you.
    but, when the screams
    and moans subside…….
    it’s always me,
    yes satisfied,
    but destroyed.

    absolutely loved this……..brilliant!!! 🙂 🙂


      1. Not to mention…my blog is not only for my writing but also for what I love reading or what enchant while doing so…that’s why I created a tap only for those writings of all of yours….


  2. A vivid reader of Candles Online is so powerful with her words that I kinda in a state of loosing my words to praise her appropriately. 😛

    Asha, I have always been a lover of words whether I read or write they always make me fall for them again and again and I literally feel amazed how you so beautifully weave the words in a poem… Simply amazing!

    Keep entertaining!


      1. Would you mind if I invite you for a guest post for tomorrow evening? You have a injured shoulder yet if you would like to….then I would be very happy to host you… the topic from tomorrow is “Why Valentine’s Day?”

        Let me know…


              1. Then I will crunch you for time… because I need an article… give me your email ID and let me send you a formal invitation as well as details about the topic a bit.


                    1. Yes… you must have got an email from Candles Online WordPress site… just click on accept or join… then just follow the instructions if any or leave it… then


  3. Not bad…I jest of course, that was a brilliant poem, had me intrigued from the beginning and then your imagery took over and took me to the best of places…wonderfully penned my dear friend!


  4. Asha, this is one of the best poems I’ve ever read from you. 😍😍😍😍😍

    I mean, I was actually sitting with my Oxford Dictionary to find out some meanings. Wow.. the concept, realisation, rhyming, imagination, everything was perfect.

    I just loved it Asha. And those heart took my heart. Haha😋😍😘😅😊


    1. Isn’t it beautiful, Charvi? I’ve always experienced that I am just as delighted as one would be after having made passionate love to a lover. Words bring that satisfaction and wholeness. Heart’s just as content as it could be.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. That’s indeed the struggle of parched mind wandering in a Desert of Words to find an Oasis.
    Some times words are like dew drops gathered on a flower of tired mind in the early morning


  6. You have tapped into the true beauty of any writer it’s not about the money to be gained from a book it’s not about the fame or notoriety …it is the sheer romance and seduction of words , words that we as writers can not get away from , that we as writers feel in our very soul. You captured it well Asha !


    1. Most often, I’m grabbed with the feeling that it’s the words that lead me than me leading them. I like the twist and twirl of thoughts under the influence of the words on paper. It’s a feeling like no other. Like the aftermath of a beautiful romance. Like magic.
      You said is most rightly, Jerry. Words seduce us, than we doing to them.


“I love writing. I love the swirl and swing of words as they tangle with human emotions.” ― James A. Michener

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