If words could release the rues

I’d write a 1000 page book

If tears could beat the woes

I’d cry out an ocean and more

If pores of the skin could subsume the deluge

I’d plug each pore with grit and soot

If heart beats could override the hope

I’d make the heart swell and explode

If blood could wash away the stains 

I’d spill all of it until zilch remains

If mornings could dispel nightmares

I’d burn down nights to fumes

If strangling the memories could kill poignancy

I’d asphyxiate the mind to oblivion

If ceasing the breaths could dwindle the flame

I’d smother life to jaded ashes


Asha Seth

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  1. I think there are so many things yet to be learnt from you dear Asha Di.😊.
    It’s just like over bursting the dam of emotions which cannot be restricted to the walls of mind..that’s the way emptying thoughts from our mind so that we feel lightweight.


    1. I’ve always felt that with every day there’s a plethora of things waiting for me to unearth and learn from. So as the saying goes,
      One dies and there’s something to learn from that too; that life didn’t end; a new one begins.
      Good luck, gurl!

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  2. Such a heartfelt poem Asha..

    “If tears could beat the woes
    I’d cry out an ocean and more”……

    I am sure we all would, if we could cleanse with our tears the sorrows of the world..

    Beautiful poetry..


    1. I like that you brought that up, Kiran. A cigar pipe emitting fumes is a metaphorical representation of how things finally end. You’ve smoked it well, long and hard, taking just filling drags as you like, and yet when it’s done with, you are content and then not. Makes sense?

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      1. Yes I think there are many things yet to be learnt from you dear Asha Di.😊.
        It’s just like giving a free flow to the dam of feelings and emotions restricted within the walls of our minds


    1. You’ve a kind heart, Prachi. This blog is my life blood. It makes my days brighter. Meeting all you lovely people is such a blessing in disguise.
      I’m grateful to whatever reason you stumbled across my blog. Make yourself home. And enjoy the delicacies. Shall I get you a cup of steaming coffee? 🙂 😛
      Love ❤

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  3. You buried me

    In thoughts you buried me,

    Breathlessly you suffocate me in ur ink,

    Your dripping pen caged me on and on until I licked the last drop

    Having trodden in the darkness you shunned light,

    Having been on lonely
    Pitched dark path many a time,

    I soar with your liberation theology,

    Victory song at the tunnel end!

    Where letting go clashes with jubilation forever,

    My small pen honor you….

    Poets are gods,and you are rare amongst.


    1. It’s a very beautiful piece to read and revel in. You write so beautifully, in so less a space and time. Thank you once again. I feel as though it ws written for me. Loads of love. 💓

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  4. U should do whatever u expressed in every second line. Do everything that makes your life better than before brighter than before be happier than before. I love your work as always asha ..


“I love writing. I love the swirl and swing of words as they tangle with human emotions.” ― James A. Michener

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