as the key clicked
into the lock
he stood up excited
to finally see her
to be with her

she hurriedly wiped
her kohl-stained eyes
the memories
of the finality
still burning in her mind

a weak smile
replaced her sobs
the truth need not be sensed

the story need not known
and hugged him
as he jumped into her arms

melancholy well concealed
didn’t go unnoticed
his tail wagged

harder than ever
as he bounced
about her

he licked her cheeks
and cuddled like a kid
tilted his head

and peered at her face
he felt what she didn’t
her tired breathing
the numb cajoling

words defy
eyes don’t
when silence speaks tonnes
why truth be told?
aware she wasn’t fine
and knew he had to fix
whatever was killing her
whatever wasn’t all right


Asha Seth

55 thoughts on “Fix

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    1. Wondeful observation, my friend. Yes, I’ve written about dogs often. Dollar passed away at the age of 4 when I was 11. We have Alfey now who’s also just as loving, just as charming. He’s almost 6 years old. I.dont remember a time when I didn’t have the love of dogs. They mean so much. So much.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I can see that. Having pets is such a joy. I’ve never had the pleasure of keeping a pet, but I loved others’. They teach you so much and the love they give you… Endless! Be happy for thier company is priceless 😊


  1. Wow lovely writing Asha. First thought it was a baby and then read about the tail wagging and then understood it was about the pet. I cannot stand a dog. Am damn scared. But can understand the true love it shows.


    1. Many including my best friend is perennially scared of dogs and other pets. So I feel how you feel. As for me, I’ve lived with them for all my life and thats how I’ve grown so fond of them. Can’t imagine life without them, or books. 😋😍
      I love your imagination, Meena. Pretty cool.

      Liked by 1 person

              1. Yes I got 8.90 SGPA last semester. ..hoping to improve more …sure …if I need help I won’t hesitate to ask …that’s so sweet of you to extend a helping hand dear Asha Di.😊


  2. Gazing at my empty fish tank
    Past memories
    Prick my mind
    Like thorns

    It was a wonderful home
    For my pet fish Nemo
    I still remember day
    When I saw him
    In a fish shop
    I couldn’t resist myself
    Taking him home

    His home was equipped
    With a oxygenator and temperature controller
    That took care of him in changing environments
    I used to feel proud
    When visitors used to gaze at fish tank in delight
    Appreciating me for my work

    I was only the one who used to feed him
    After returning from
    I remember how anxiously
    He waited for me
    He licked my fingers with love
    Whenever I feed him

    He suddenly passed away
    One night whitout informing me
    It was very painful
    To leave him in a well nearby


      1. You know my mother is insisting me to keep new fish …but somehow I avoid her …as memories of Nemo are still green in my mind…I still feel him there even though its empty


    1. I’m sure cats are adorable too. But have a dog for a pet, Jerry. And life will be changed for good. This I promise you.
      Thank you for stopping by and reading through. 🙂
      How’ve you been?

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Dogs have been an indispensable part of my life. A lot I’ve learned from them, a lot gained. I owe them big time. And I love to write about them. Yes, through their silence they touch our hearts, and that I feel is grand. Thanks, Swalia. 🙂 ❤

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“I love writing. I love the swirl and swing of words as they tangle with human emotions.” ― James A. Michener

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