Time to Hibernate

Hullo friends! I hope you all are fantastic. I wish so because I am not really in the best state of mind myself, of late. Know what I just realised? I am of the habit of writing ‘hello’ ‘hullo’ because that’s how I greet. Queer, eh?

Until last month, things were going well. At least in terms of the employment. I had a terrific job. The most fantastic colleagues. I loved what I did because I was doing what I loved – copywriting. Now? Well, for crying out loud, my firm has gone bankrupt and the partner people decided to shut the company down. Oh how easy! Guess they thought – let’s just drop the bomb and run for our lives. ‘Cause that’s what the spineless gits did. Result: Over a dozen employees suddenly run-out of jobs. I am one of them.

Over the past one month, I have only been sending across job applications; first in Mumbai and when for good 2 weeks I heard from none, I extended the territory to Pune, Bangalore, etc. Yet nothing!

So, I’m jobless. Terribly restless. Totally depressed.

I haven’t written nor blogged much over the last month as I have been trying to sort things out on the personal front. It’s sad to admit but even as a writer, writing bears the brunt of even the minutest shufflings or disorders of sorts. Yeah. Laugh at me!

Ideally, I should have picked up a Harry Potter book because the goddamn magical books set life in motion for me, at least, emotionally. Yes, call me mental! I started ‘The Girl on the Train’ instead. It picked up pace until about a 100 pages and now, at 120, the plot is just as messed up as my life right now. I hate to admit that I hate the book.

The plot just keeps going round and round, reminding me of the endless stream of calls from recruiters, news of zero vacancies, none offering anything concrete, just adding more misery to my plight. Never in my life have I felt like this. I so want to throw the book across the room, but I’m reading it on my phone. And taking a chance with the phone, now, could prove fatally drastic and financially detrimental. So I bear the torture, silently.

Anyway. The other news is I’ll be traveling. To Thailand. I know you must be thinking ‘what is she cribbing for?’ I would think so. Well honestly, in a different scenario where I do have my job to get back to, I would be excited and be all planned and prepared for the trip. But it feels I just don’t have my heart in it.

I wont be around for a little over a week; until the 22nd of the month. So, I will reply if you write to me, if you offer suggestions or solace, I’d be happy with whatever. But I may be delayed in doing so. So please bear with me. With this, I sign off. I clearly need some time off routine. I need this time to hibernate.

I’ll miss you guys. Miss me?

Asha Seth

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  1. Oh! That was sad to hear, that you lost your job. And yes, I get how you can’t put your umhead into writing when nothing around you is right. But hang in there. You’ll make it. You’re talented. I think you may have already come back from your trip to Thailand, so no point in telling you ‘enjoy it’. I hope it was a pleasant trip. And might I add, I love you for saying you hated that book, because I did too and I just couldn’t understand why there was so much hype around that book. It was so bloody slow it put me to sleep more than once. I hope the next time you write you’ll give us good news. All the very best 😊


    1. The vacation was a good change, Pradita. I’m glad I took the time off. I did read a lot and wrote finer things, whiling away time on the flight. I read ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them, and I so enjoyed it. It washed away the lingering madness left behind from ‘The Girl on the Train’. With the job, I’m still out hunting.
      But enough about me. Tell me about you. How have the Gods treated you?

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      1. That’s one book I’ve been wanting to read but never can find the time to. The Gods have been a little disinterested in me lately, to put it mildly. SO I have nothing happening in my life, literally. 😉


  2. i know these feelings and thoughts all too well. having been a freelancer and a consultant for the past 20+ years. i’ve also learned to use the ‘free’ time for personal projects, some of which have lead to added value on my ‘damned’ cv. wishing you strength and perseverance. try to look further too … the online world offers jobs from home to the other side of the world.


    1. I find myself in a great limbo to be able to extricate myself, but rather sooner than later, I hope I am successful. Constant rejections can kill hope, blood by blood. I shall but venture into online opportunities. Thanks, Bert.

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    1. So far, it’s not changed much for me and it’s been 2 months now. I can’t say it’s not bothering me, but I’m trying my best to be hopeful through it all. Thanks, Suchita.
      How are your days?


  3. Hello Asha! Does this line get through to your blog? (Sorry about this silly question but I am new on your blog and I have just tried to send you some regards and said that I share your feelings about being depressed and restless, given having no job. Then I clicked on ‘Post Comment’ and it was all gone 😦 )
    I hope you’ll feel better soon!!

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  4. Hello Asha, This is my first time on your blog. Wow, you have got so many followers!! I’d love to know how long you have been doing this!? I have only just started my own blog and am totally new to this world. When reading some of the other people’s comments, I must say that I feel unable to write in exactly the same way, saying “don’t worry, the job will be fine”. Actually, I rather understand your feeling when you say you were depressed. I am in a similar situation (fighting for getting my book published to be able to apply for a work visa as I live in a different country) and the longer I have to wait for success, the more restless I feel – like you.
    Maybe I couldn’t cheer you up but maybe you’ll like to know that you are not alone having those feelings. I share them :).
    Regards from Canada,
    P.S. If you are interested in my blog, this is my website http://www.oneofushastogo.com and you can click on ‘blog’ in the menu.

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    1. Hello, Katie! I am so happy you did stop by and write to me or else I would’ve never met such a kind soul as yours.
      The lovely motivators as I like to call the followers, have come to be with me with time. It’s been 5 years now that my blog is here. And it only gets better. As you’ll feel too.
      As for the job, you’ve said more than anyone could and although it makes me sad that you’re having to endure things in your space, I feel obliged to tell you this – don’t let the apprehensions or doubts, seep inside your soul.
      I hope your book scores so well, as you never could’ve imagined.
      I also pray that the work visa you’ve been waiting for gets done sooner and you can pursue further dreams or ambitions.
      Love to you.!
      From India,


  5. Hi Asha! It’s Anne, but on my more recent blog now, in case you don’t recognize the avatar pic. I’m really sorry to hear about your troubles and hope things turn around very soon for you. This will one day be a memory after enough time and other experiences fill in some space but can feel like forever when your in the midst of it. Stay dedicated and maybe even try for something new or a bit different from before. You are so well read and such a versatile writer, something will come your way, I just know it! After seeing the movie, I can relate to why that book was not a good choice for you right now. It’s horribly emotionally draining which you don’t need. I would suggest the Secret Garden… it’s one of my ultimate favorites plus has the ability to revive and uplift versus depress and drag you down with it. Oh, Asha, I wish you a beautiful, rejuvenating vacation! Keep your head up and try and focus on what you do have, are grateful for, and all the wonderful people you meet along the way!


    1. I’ll recognise you, no matter what Anne. I feel sorry for myself too. I have had a lot of trials and tribulations, for no doing of my own. Fate’s been ever-so-hard and such a bitch. I know I deserve better than anguish and a life of stifling miseries but how much can you fight? I wish I could say – I challenged and changed things around. But I realise I’m not even close. Well, here I am, laying myself bare, spilling my darkest fears and pains. But I am. I don’t know what else to do. In a better world, where I get to meet myself, I would pat my back and say, “You’ve done well.”
      How have you been dearest? I haven’t heard from you since long.

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      1. I’ve been well, life is simple, and I try to see the bright sides even with all the political uncertainty and frustrations that won’t let up. My family, summer weather🌞, and gardening are diverting my attention and giving me positive outlets to submerge myself into luckily. I’ve been where you’re at but know that it will pass, teach you much needed lessons, and if you hang in there and keep persisting, it will be a distant memory someday of tribulations overcome and defeated!
        Stay strong 💪! All the best for you and your family!☮️❤️🌻,Anne


  6. Hmm..I THINK TIME HAS GAVE YOU CHANCE TO EXPLORE SOMETHING OR ITS PLANNING SOMETHING BETTER THAN THAT WHO KNOWS..just enjoy free time may be you won’t get time for vacation like this ,just enjoy the moment when you are happy,you will attract Happy things in your life..happy journey..are you going alone or with friends??


    1. I’m grateful for your empathy, Swalia. Just having you around makes me feel so much better. Let me not get selfish and ask you this – how’ve you been?


  7. Of course I’ll miss you… You’ve been my blog buddy for eons… Go enjoy your vacation and when you get back just relax and take things easy, it may take a while but you’ll get another job when the time is right. And BTW keep writing, just write all the frustrations and get them out of your mind!
    Asha, have a marvellous vacation, looking out for your return…


    1. You’re kind, Martine. The vacation was good, exhausting, but good nonetheless. I’ve cherished you equally much dear. And imagine after coming back when I read your comments, there was a sudden flow of positivity I hadn’t known to be there in me.
      Thank you.
      I intend to keep writing. It’s the only thing that’s keeping me sane. And you, too, my dear friend.

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      1. You’re most welcomed Asha, I’m reading your comment and feeling a new positivity. Keep it up… I’m glad that all went well with your vacation. Looking forward to reading some new words from you…
        Marts ☺


  8. Asha.. Do not worry for the job thing.. Its all in the game. You will get 100s of better opportunities.. I have been rejected for 9 companies even though my experience has crossed 7 years. Later I got 4 consecutive offer letters and I chose the best.. So don’t worry. You will get something better

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    1. I feel there comes a time when you stop bothering much about things not working out the way you want them to. I’m still to reach that threshold. Like you said, waiting for a good turn of things. How’ve you been, Supreet.

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        1. I haven’t had the heart to do anything much. I haven’t been over here since the last post, as you may have noticed. Do accept my apologies in being so late. I’ll be all right I guess, in time. How’s life treating you?

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  9. Hey Asha! Don’t worry everything will be fine.. yep i know easily said then done but be strong and fight it. Try and get your mind off in Thailand. Happy Journey! 🙂 and take care!

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