And each time
I end up telling myself
not this time
not again
Mum’s going to yell
Dad’s going to be mad

I end up stopping myself
Pull my outstretched arm back
I won’t fall for you this time
not again
and yet
when you look at me
from behind the bookshelves
a mere glance is enough
for me to lose control
I’m beyond myself
yet again

I stumble back
and pick you up
stare at you long
as restraints wane
I embrace you tight
with all my might
once again
I’m happy as a child

Carefree and broke
I trot to the counter
hold you high with pride
pay the price
and bring you home
my next best book
the hundredth on my pile


Asha Seth

53 thoughts on “Tsundoku

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  1. Fantastic, how often this feeling haunts me as well. It’s worse in a second hand bookshop when you get that feeling multiple times but like any addict there is always a way to justify the need. It’s been four months since I purchased a book. I miss that feeling. Perhaps I need to experience it again!


    1. Sadly, I’ve never found the titles I want in 2nd hand bookshops. So, like all those times that I happened to mention to you – I envy you dearly. I only have to purchase them unless kind authors send me their books for free. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

          1. Ah! The rain! I have finally finished the final volume of A Dance to the Music of Time, it’s been a long time finishing it but now I am free to pick up something else. Yay!


  2. I loved this poem. I do not enjoy poetry- I think everyone thinks they are good at it if they spray ambiguous words across a screen or page. This is fantastic and should be published or put on the wall of a library. Well done.


    1. I have a peculiar taste when it comes to poetry, although I enjoy almost every poetry that I can come across; there is some takeaway no matter what.
      Your comment made my heart swell. Thank you very much. And be welcome at The Musing Quill, always. 🙂


      1. How could one be without internet for four days 😊😊😊 It’s a relief to be back online after this forced digital detox…Life is slowly coming back to normal here after the dera verdict.


          1. Yes…It should have been life imprisonment. But the murder case is in last stage too and verdict is expected soon. And he should be charged for instigating riots too!


    1. I most loved writing this one since it is so personal, you see.
      Every time I get a new book home, I have to make sure mom and dad don’t find it, else I get an earful. 😛
      Thanks, Suraj.
      How’ve been?


      1. And whenever some book mail comes, my mom asks if these books are prescribed for my course. 😁

        I’m good. Was cut off from this world beacuse internet was not working in our area for 4 days. How are you?


        1. Haha! That’s a nice idea. How come I never thought of it! Although, when I buy books online and the parcels are delivered, I tell them it’s a gift from friends or colleagues. 😛

          I’ve been good, and it’s nice to see you back.

          Liked by 1 person

  3. Hi, this is Masoom, I liked the graphics and my fav phrases are:
    “Pull my outstretched arm back
    I won’t fall for you this time
    not again
    and yet” Such detailed one.


“I love writing. I love the swirl and swing of words as they tangle with human emotions.” ― James A. Michener

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