Top Tips on Writing Irresistible Blog Titles

We write to be heard. Writers who claim differently are only fooling themselves. While we bleed on a paper or on the canvas, all we really ask for is some attention, some affection.

Ask yourself this, the last time you read a five page article or a full blown 500-page novel, did the title entice your mind; just a bit, perhaps? Did it tempt you to chase it right until the last written word?

As a writer, I agree, and since most of you readers are writers or bloggers; doesn’t matter which, I am sure you would agree just the same that the content is one thing but it is truly the title that makes you click on that million-dollar link and dive in the pool of information it presents thereafter. If not that, I have little heart to agree that anything else works the magic.

Given that we have hundreds of articles on any particular topic and many more being added to the list as we speak, what makes our content different? Why should someone read what is perhaps, a rehashed or inspired work? While we pour our hearts into our works, let’s make sure it counts. Here are 3 best tips to writing the most irresistible blog titles. And these do work.


Element of Intrigue

Which one sounds more interesting – ‘A Dark Night’ or ‘A Queer Night‘? Confused? Okay, let’s try another. Which one sounds more inviting for a blogger – ‘How to get blog traffic?’ or ‘Want more blog traffic? Here’s the trick!‘?

Getting it? Always add an element of intrigue for your reader. Keep it interesting, intriguing, but not misleading.

The Takeaway Talk

I love to call it the ‘Takeaway Talk’. The takeaway talk is a sure-shot way to attract readers. Tell me, which title will you most likely click – ‘How to proofread your writing?’ or ‘3 easy ways to proofread your writing‘?

While the former tells me that I can learn more about proofreading, the latter offers me takeaways by giving 3 easy ways for proofreading. Isn’t that more promising?

Less is More

While we love to read pages after pages of an article or novel, with a lengthy title however, we are never that patient or understanding. Unfair? Yes. But we are humans after all.

Say as you may, but ‘Nightmares in the Day‘ sounds loads tempting than ‘The Girl who had Bad Dreams in the Day’. Keep it short. Keep it simple. And nothing, dear friend, works better.

I can never stress enough on two things,

One, Write like a reader. Two, Have your heart in it.

I wish I had all of these amazing tips served to me on a platter when I started off writing. We do wish for simpler, easier ways that are tried and tested, don’t we? But I learned it hard and it took me 5 years. And as they say, experience is the best teacher. So, I hope you benefit much from these tips on writing great blog titles, and that your readers flock to your space each time you post something new.

As for me, I am always happier to hear your views. Do share your thoughts as I’d love to know what has worked for you when you craft blog titles for your posts.


Asha Seth

The Musing Quill

86 Replies to “Top Tips on Writing Irresistible Blog Titles”

  1. What a great blog post and really inspiring to hear your wisdom! I’m at the very start of my public writing journey and it reassured me to know I’ll learn and it’s okay to just do what I’m doing and have faith. I’ll be following you for more tips 🙂


              1. Awesome. I know a lot of followers are from there. I want to visit there someday. I’ve known someone who went there and it was just beautiful. That’s good. Are the winters warm in India? Does it get cold?


  2. Hello! A first-time reader of your blog here!
    You’re spot on – I love a snappy title! And I am always a little sad when I come across a lackluster one… Your advice, to write like a reader, is great! And universal. As in, it applies to a lot more than just titles. Thanks!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Happy to meet you, Alice. Bore titles kill the fun for me. I always feel we can go mighty creative with titles and offer such treats to our readers.
      Delighted to learn you views about my quote. Thanks a heap.
      Enjoy the day. 🙂


    1. I shall be happier if these help you in your journey. You can look around here as you will come across a lot of things that I captured here when I was a newbie myself. You might find them interesting. Have a good day!! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Love these tips, Asha. Couldn’t agree more 🙂
    Your post reminds me of another tip that I read in the blogosphere: post titles that contain numbers are more likely to be read than those without. For example, “3 reasons to eat chocolate” rather than “why we eat chocolate”. This overlaps with your tip #2 about the takeaway points 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Hope you have recovered fully now! I’m still juggling with health issues. And since I have started working again after a sabbatical, I too am left with little time for blogging.


        1. I am but almost recovered. Have resumed the office. I could hardly be around blogs being sick. But trying to catch up now. What’s wrong? What happened to you, Shaloo?


  4. Nice post Asha. Indeed important tips. As you said one learns with experience as writing borns within and then grows up along with experience. Fortunate we are that we live in a digital world where our writing is atleast read and reaches a larger audience. Each has a different style of writing and each wud also have a different kind of liking, while yes the majority of them would definately look into the above attributes but i also strongly believe to be natural initially and then polish away to glory as one deep dives into writing. Useful post, nice.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. You’ve put it rightly and brightly. We need to be natural. That and only that works and then there’s the thing called inner satisfaction. Polishing happens with experience. Thanks, Ravi. Readers will much benefit from your thoughts. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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