A State of Trance

Engrossed in your own thoughts
you hardly notice me...
but I watch your fingers dance
on the laptop keys, then on your knees…

the world of fantasies
get the good of me…
as I tumble down
the hole of half-baked salacities…

somewhere in the distance
the music begins…
‘Every breath you take’
the one I have always imagined us in…

the music grows
as the floor lights up…
in you walk, from reality
right into my chimeric absurdities…

How can this be true?
It’s my dream
now yours too?
such an improbable possibility

Your gaze invites me on the floor
‘Shall we?’
What I’ve always wished for
How can you see?

Desirous, unchaste,
with a smile that kills…
you stare on
as secrets spill…

What I am wishing
right now, and for years…
my heart’s shouting out loud
bet you can hear it too…

It’s as if you feel it
cause you seem to enjoy…
the nervous pleasure
that soaks me then sinks…

With bodies barely apart
I am sure you feel me shiver…
Dancing to the music
as we sway to and fro…

Your lips brush mine
Once, twice, thrice…
the kiss that tormented
my mind a dozen times…

The spell doesn’t wear off
even minutes after we part…
Someone said it right
‘A kiss is an insatiable art…’

I hear you call my name
Oh what bliss!
But wait, what’s this rush?
What’s the urgency?

And then there you are
standing right there…
calling me out again
asking if the script is repaired…

I break out of my reverie
and nod an embarrassed no…
look straight into your eyes
and ask for time some more…

You say not a word
just that angelic smile…
and oh, how I am trapped
in the trance once again…


Asha Seth

26 thoughts on “A State of Trance

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  1. A touching account of what it feels like to be in love – I love the line, “But wait, what’s this rush?” because it encapsulates the feeling early in a relationship of wanting to spend as much time with that person as possible, as though we worry that the love will wear off if we leave it too long 🙂


  2. As a lover of trance, EDM, clubbing, festivals, and anything of that sort I especially love this poem! What perfect timing since I just came back haha.

    I like how you describe ‘her’ as seeing ‘him,’ in his own state of trance before he even approaches to dance, engulfed in thoughts and fingers anxiously tapping his knees. He puts her in her own state of trance, and she doesn’t even see he might be taking things at a pace too quickly for her. Through the music and dance maybe they lose their own initial trances filled with doubt and noise, and eventually bond in their own synchronized trance.

    This is my favorite poem of yours. Awesome job!


          1. I used to love Armin, Man on the Run by Dash Berlin is one of my favorite trance songs of all time, and gotta love A&B.

            This guy is my favorite DJ. He’s awesome!! If you don’t want to listen to a 2 hour playlist though check out, ‘vulnerable,’ ‘beautiful creature,’ ‘sunrise,’ and ‘ashes.’
            Enjoy 🙂


            1. Yes, that one’s my fave too. I am now checking out the one you shared. I did like Guetta too but then not so much now. I do like Calvin Harris though. Who else are your faves? Do recommend. I’d love to check out new ones.

              Liked by 1 person

              1. Thats awesome, howd you’d like Denis Kenzo? So I enjoy Calvin Harris. I don’t really listen to that much electro house, but you might also like Nicky Romero and Marshmellow. I’m seeing Marshmellow on Tuesday here in Phuket, so plan on reenacting your poem bahaha

                There’s a pretty awesome Japanese DJ named Shingo Nakamura. His music is purely instrumental. Its really soothing and melodic. A few of my favorite songs are ‘Nothing,’ ‘Fade Out,’ ‘Thousands of Sounds,’ and ‘Linear Light.’

                There’s a drum and bass DJ named Netsky who is like a drug. Can just get lost listening to his stuff for a few hours.

                Hope you enjoy them 🙂


“I love writing. I love the swirl and swing of words as they tangle with human emotions.” ― James A. Michener

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