Why should you have a Blogging Schedule?

Hello, readers! I am back after a long break. Last year was incredibly impressive albeit busy. And what happens when you’re tied up in tides, well, compromises. So, yes, blogging did take a back seat and although The Musing Quill did well, I did not.

This year, thus, I have decided to put a blogging schedule in place. And mind you, blogging schedule not writing. Confused? Good, because that means it did register in your mind that there’s a difference.

As writers, we write all the time, don’t we? My drafts archive is full of poems and prose, written in my mind but never given birth to. But I have noticed I do not blog that often. By that I mean, publishing the writing here on the blog.

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On introspection, I realised, that although we may not have a writing schedule, it is essential we have a blogging schedule. Why? Simply so that we are always connected with our readers, because without content, our readers do tend to get disappointed.

If you ask me, I do feel that a blogging schedule is utterly essential; for the reasons listed above and more. Discipline in blogging reflects just how passionate you are about the task. So, I managed putting one in place and the schedule goes like this:


Motivational Quotes shelved under Quoted

What to expect: Light quotes on writing by the famous and the not-so-famous people.
What you get: A nudge and kick in times of writing needs. 


All things ‘Books’ shelved under Bookish Escapades

What to expect: Bookish excerpts from books I am reading. Book reviews. And thoughts around why must one really read.
What you get: An urge to dive into some amazing literature that you were missing all along.


All things ‘Writing’ shelved under From the Writer’s Desk

What to expect: Writing tips, tricks, post promotion ideas, poems, verses, etc.
What you get: Everything you need to get better at writing and some entertainment too.

Now, there are some really interesting posts lined up for the coming weeks. So, don’t miss them. Here’s hoping we catch up often.

More or less, that’s all folks! How does it sound? Is there anything else you’d want to see? Anything that you’d want to read about and that I’ve missed here, do write and tell. All suggestions are welcome.

C’mon! C’mon! Now tell me about your plans and schedules. Do you have a blogging schedule? Or are you planning to get one?


Asha Seth


62 Replies to “Why should you have a Blogging Schedule?”

  1. I slightly disagree with the post.
    Blogging for me is a hobby. So I prefer to blog when I feel like and I dont want to make it as a schedule 🙂
    However, for professional bloggers like you, this does make complete sense


  2. I do have a blogging schedule but I am ashamed to say I lack the willpower to follow it. I began a blog out of curiosity and ended up writing a story The Red Lands. Now I wake up sometimes all hours of the night frantically scribbling points least I forget. I like your post, it reminds me what I should be doing.


    1. Well, I am happy if it helps you. I was in that zone for most of April and now hopefully happily recovering. I try to follow the one I’ve set for myself but I falter too at times.


  3. It’s still sort of evolving, but I think I might be moving towards 2 quick visual posts during the week, and longer posts on Sat and Sun morning. I get up early and can put the time in 4 days per week to write posts, and then schedule them for publishing. I seem to be blog-hopping as and when, but your post makes me think I should schedule this in too. Thank you!

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  4. Hi Buddy,

    A great article this is… Usually if we don’t blog according to a schedule we always tend to move into a state of ‘rest in peace’. Lol

    And as you know about Candles Online, the community of writers and bloggers that I founded can’t work without a schedule at all. In fact, I have increased the work of my community. I really need to be on my toes. And when the team grew bigger, the work seemed smaller though the responsibilities and interactions became huge. In my case I really had to plan ahead of time, inform my writers ahead of time, take their consents and confirmations ahead of time and then schedule every one… And sometimes when someone fails to deliver for some reason I compel myself to fill up the gap as Candles Online can’t afford a rest. But its fun. The journey has been a blessings for my own life and for the people who joined hands with me including you.

    Regards, CP

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  5. It’s a great idea to have a schedule, I am impressed that you stick to it, I don’t think I could stick to it but I am really impressed with what you do. I’m also looking forward to reading your upcoming posts and thoughts. Hopefully there will be more posts coming from Book to the Future too, there are so many books to be reviewed and so little time.


    1. Hey, J. I am trying to stick by this schedule as I realised last year that my writing did need some serious discipline. I hope o keep up with it. We all get caught up in the currents of life, that’s you too with so much happening. You will read and review, all in good time.

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      1. I will carry on and do my best as will you and I will be here to support your writing. By the way, my phone has no reception out here so if you have Whatsapp contacted me, I won’t have seen it. I am usually available on Facebook, email or on here though, also Twitter too when I remember to go on it. I know you will have a great year my friend.


        1. And now I know you will too, with all the recent changes with the moving and the wedding. I hope you have a fantastic year and life ahead.
          I did try contacting once around Christmas but yeah, I didn’t get you. Maybe that was the time.
          I shall be traveling for a fortnight this month and then again next. But hoping I have good reception. We shall be in touch soon.


          1. I wish you well in your travels and look forward to reading all about them. I will download the Whatsapp thingy again soon and transfer my numbers now that the old phone is not working. Stay awesome my dear friend.


  6. I couldn’t agree with you more on this. Every blogger has the responsibility of keeping his blog alive. I’ve myself been lagging in that department. Your schedule reminds me that I had a schedule too which I totally failed in keeping. All the best for the schedule and the writing too 😊


    1. Well, well, I hope you pick up on your schedule soon enough. It’d be amazing to have more posts from you. I am now struggling to keep up with mine, since I have one defined. A schedule may only help me get more disciplined or so I wish. 😛

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          1. Haven’t started yet. Each day I think ‘I’m only gonna write my book’ and end up doing other things. It sucks. I hope you have better luck. Thank you. I remember you told me the last line did it for you 🙂


  7. I love this. It’s so you and I’m glad you found that it works for you. I have a blogging schedule. I blog everyday except Sunday. I write my books/novels on Saturdays and Sundays only. If I’m off on a holiday from work I’ll write some and I use Saturdays and Sundays to catch up on fellow bloggers/friend’s blogs. Hope you are well. Hope work is going well.

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  8. I have a Post-It stuck to my wall with my good intentions schedule. I did fairly well until breaking my wrist and taking on an extra AP class. Now I’m down to two posts a month instead of four. But scheduling helps.


  9. I don’t have any schedule, I simply post depending upon mood and leisure. I want to be a serious and regular blogger, but many times I cant find enough time and micro blogging sites like FB, Twitter etc.. eating much time now a days 🙂


    1. Thanks, Radhika. Been into just the 2nd week, things look fine and manageable. The real test is when the work schedules get hectic. Thanks for being so motivating, always. How’ve you been?


  10. Asha, the blogging schedule looks so organized and makes so much sense at a time when we are stuck in our routine. It’s been a year since I haven’t been able to blog like I wanted. A good idea of classifying ideas into genres or categories. Looking forward to read your stories.


  11. Totally agree that it’s so important to have a blogging schedule! For me that just means that I need to post Monday-Friday. It also means that I try to include a writing or blogging tip every week, other than that, it’s just whatever I feel like blogging about.


  12. I always, bar the odd earthquake or revolution do a fresh post on a Monday and I think those who read my blog look for something to appear on that day. As a writer, like you I am always writing, or thinking about characters and situations so in that creative sense, I never rest 🙂

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  13. My former blog did have a schedule and was frequented by fellow bloggers more often. I think it really helps, and I too need to get back on one for my current posts. Hope you are doing well Asha! Your friend 💕🌻, Anne

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      1. It still exists, but it was very specified for my dad’s story and I wanted to keep it that way. This is a blog focused around my passions: herbs, health, wellness, and motherhood 😊. Thanks for asking and hope you are feeling more content these days with your work. I know you had some struggles last year. 💞🌷~Anne


  14. Hey.. I really loved this idea of having a blogging schedule… I just had 1 question, will you just post on these days, or will you also post random stuff on the other days?

    Much love


“I love writing. I love the swirl and swing of words as they tangle with human emotions.” ― James A. Michener

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