When the husband aged young…

Ours was a traditional Indian arranged marriage. None of my friends would believe that a woman like me would go for an arranged marriage. Now don’t get weird notions about me. Being someone who would never even talk to strangers, it was quite obvious that it was hard for them to believe that I would consent upon marrying a stranger.

So, the first time I met my husband, he felt quite ordinary; expect for the balding patch outlining the sides of his head. The sight started nagging me right from the word ‘go’. As the custom is, we asked each other our dreams, future plans, well, you know the rule…

For all but a harrowing half hour, I tried not to focus on the bald patches that kept snickering at me like a mischievous child up to some prank. Although, he was just a year older than me, it certainly didn’t seem so with the prominent greys and the balding scalp. Now, no offence meant, but for me, these are clear turnoffs and I didn’t quite expect these in a man I am looking for a life-partner. Come on, who would like to wake up next to a balding man every morning? Yeah, call me filmy!!

So, the first thing I asked my husband was,

“Are you really 28?”

He replied,

“Actually, I am 38. Why? You didn’t know that?”

The deadpan look on my face made him give up the prank immediately. He said,

“Hey, I am not 38, and I am not lying.”

It made me smile and that dissipated some of the tension between us. I took up on the prank saying,

“Good, because with your balding scalp and greying hair, old man, there’s little chance for this to go anywhere.”

After a moment of serious consideration, he said,

“Well, if that concerns you so much, let me tell you I have been undergoing a treatment.”

Given that he loved pulling my legs, I had little reason to believe him. I asked.

“And what exactly is this treatment?”

He said,

“#Evion Supplements for hair treatment.”

Now I had never heard of it before then but a quick search on the phone gave me all the assurance I was looking for.

What #Evion does for your hair:

It helps treat hair problems caused due to lack of vitamin E such as:

  • Premature Hair Greying
  • Hair loss
  • Dryness and Itching

Who can use:

People suffering from hair loss and greying are advised #Evion Supplements because it is quick to work on the problem area.

Note: It is also advisable to include sources rich in Vitamin E such as almonds, spinach, sweet potatoes, etc. in your diet and to not only rely on the capsules.

Where to find:

Evion capsules come in green-coloured blister packs that are readily available at the chemist shops and are safe to use in moderate hair loss and greying conditions. Plus, they are quite pocket-friendly.

Note: If you are facing excessive loss or greying, it is better to consult a trichologist.

How to use:

Pierce and empty Evion capsules (2-3) in a small quantity of hair oil (any hair oil that you use) and apply gently rubbing it onto the scalp, then move down towards the tip across the length of your hair. Massage after application. Works best on washed and clean scalp.

Note: Some people use it as serum, but that is not a recommended way of using it since hair loss or greying, stems from a weak or damaged scalp, and hence, needs thorough application on the scalp.

The husband’s balding scalp is now a den of beautiful jet black hair and far from hair loss since his scalp health has improved so much.

He has been using it twice a week regularly and my young handsome man doesn’t look a day older than his age. Know what the best part is? He did not have to go through any chemical or medical treatments for the regrowth of hair. The greys have slowly but started to disappear with dark blacks replacing them. It’s been 3 years into our marriage and there’s not one day, we regret using #Evion.

What can I say? With #Evion, the husband really did age young. He did!


This post was written for the Indiblogger campaign ‘My Vitamin E Mantra‘. The facts listed are unbiased and rooted in author’s personal experience of the product.

To learn more about the product, visit the link: http://www.evion.co.in/


Asha Seth

25 Replies to “When the husband aged young…”

  1. I am not saying I have the best skin of all. I do get occasional breakouts. But considering my daily routine (driving more than one hour every day on a two-wheeler in Bangalore traffic and pollution), I can safely say that I have good skin. You can find so many DIY masks and scrubs to give your self-luxury treatment.

    Again, all this is not magical solution for skin and hair problems although we do expect magic. Everyone is different and underlying cause of problems can also be different. So please don’t expect that over night everything will change, if that was the case then no one would ever have bad skin and no one will lose hair. But having proper E should help improve the nourishment.

    Thanks for the article; its really helpful and informative.


  2. As always nice write up reflecting emotions that were real. The story is good and it appears fictional to me. But very innovative way of presenting the drug.


    1. Can’t blame you; it does sound straight out of a rom-com flick. The way I’ve made it sound it. But I this truly did happen for me. I am happy or else things wouldn’t have been like they are now.


  3. This is awesome. I didn’t know this kind of stuff existed. I learned something new today. Thank you for sharing this with us. Have a great weekend. I hope it is a relaxing and peaceful weekend for you. I meant to tell you. I love that you changed your profile picture. You look so beautiful.


    1. The weekend indeed was relaxing since I spent most of it sleeping.
      Arranged marriages have always been confounding to me, even now that I am married. My mother met my father only on their wedding day and they’ve been together 35 years now. So, I was somehow sure I would live through it too. Come to think of it, the walk isn’t all that bad either.
      Thanks for the compliments on the picture, Kath. You’re sweet. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Awesome. That’s my kind of weekend. I love to sleep. Wow that’s amazing. I’ve found arranged marriages to be unfair, but now that I think about it maybe it’s not. I mean it seems that your parents have made it work and perhaps in the end they were meant to be. Congrats on them being together so long. That’s wonderful. I’m sure you will. You’re so welcome Asha. Awww thanks.


  4. Asha,

    Dear, I was so engrossed in your marriage story that I felt disappointed when you started talking about #Evion. But when I finished it and read the note under the article then I realised the purpose behind this article.

    What beautifully and humorously you have presented this article promoting something that you both have experienced it in life.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. It was only after I read the title of this campaign that this little moment from that time flashed past.
      I enjoyed writing about it, and was happier to capture that moment which I sure would’ve lost had it been few more years.
      Thank you for reading. It was tad lengthy. 😛

      Liked by 1 person

          1. I mailed you 4 days ago and you didn’t respond dear. From last Sunday we started month’s Story Relay and I invited you to participate… But looks like you missed it and the slots are done… And this story relay will continue for next two weeks… I will soon inform you about the new topic afterwards.


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