Writing Inspiration #7

Back again, gradually advancing into the second month of the year. January was kind enough to pass by slowly. I now have 9 books read; the maximum yet I’ve managed in a month, and wrote down 7800 words, including my short-story drafts. So it wasn’t that bad now, is it? How was your month?

I am back now with yet another quote from Rilke that gives that most needed nudge when we, writers, are stuck with the ‘to do or to do?’ qualms, in those odd dry spells of writing.

Here it is:


Does it motivate you to write? What are your ways of getting the writing wheels rolling? Do share them below. I’d love to read. 🙂

Happy reading till we meet next.

Until then, carpe diem! 🙂


© Asha Seth

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19 Replies to “Writing Inspiration #7”

  1. I write to express myself. I write to heal and move forward with my life. I write so I can help my sister who has Lyme Disease. I’m in love with writing. I find a good song and start writing. Have a great day Asha.


  2. I read Basho and he inspires me. I also read Haiga archives. Gets my brain cells going. Also Allen Ginsberg inspires me no end. His is raw writing to the core. And then you Asha , with your joi de vivre gets my inspiration going. Always good to hear from you.


  3. How did you count the words better yet why did you count the words read??? I write because it is in me the need to tell a story , share experiences. I have been like this since I was a teenager in high school. It’s in the blood.


  4. Wow…that’s great! I have days when I’ll write pages and pages… and others when I start pieces and not finish them… I’ve managed to finish about 5 pieces I started in January…February seems like a great writing month so far haha… But writing pretty much keeps me sane to be honest…without being able to write I really would not be around… my mind would go haywire!


  5. I am currently running 3 serials twice weekly on WordPress so to a certain extent I am under pressure to perform, but saying that I think I do my best work when pressured!


  6. Love this. I always make sure that I sit down at a computer, or with a paper and pen and write for fifteen minutes everyday. Most days it ends up being more, which is great! I learned this from a creative writing course and it has stuck with me ever since.


  7. Your quote is inspiring….. Things that motivate me to write are things I see, things I hear, things that happen to people around me, random thoughts and sometimes things that happen to me…

    Just like my post for today is about MISTAKE …
    I made a mistake and I had one hundred and one ways thoughts I could have prevented it….
    But a mistake made is a mistake made, you can only learn from them


  8. Reading, emotions, the people I love, & life experiences! Wonderful quote. I can’t imagine this natural, necessary tendency being forbidden. Makes me so glad I have & do😊! Have a wonderful day, Asha💕~Anne


  9. Yes, the quote inspires..but I am an young creature yet..no books to read..love to write whatever come in mind and hence started blogs a day or two..yet more to come..


  10. Hey @asthaseth, loved your write up. I am driven to write when something hits me emotionally. Today I wrote about how people are forced to change themselves for someone to fall in love with them.
    ‘I could be your poem, but you never fell in love with my rhyme..
    I could be your verse instead, but you did not enjoy my blankness too.’
    Hope you like it.


“I love writing. I love the swirl and swing of words as they tangle with human emotions.” ― James A. Michener

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