The one you could never forget…

when you hold her close
she tells she feels loved
but when she looks at you
you never do

when you wrap her in your arms
she says you make her world spin

but when she hugs you back
you feel incomplete

when you kiss her
she says you make her heart flutter

but when she kisses you back
you don’t feel a thing

when you make love
she says you’re the one

and you wonder
because you don’t feel the same

everything she ever does
always falls short

because although we are miles apart
I still exist in your thoughts

your smile’s a fake one
so is the love you pretend

no matter who you are with
I’ll always be the one you could never forget…

©Asha Seth

40 thoughts on “The one you could never forget…

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  1. I can relate.
    Powerful as always Asha. I think this describes the end of a relationship as it dies perfectly, especially as one person tends to be more attached than the other, even the most stable relationship is rarely a constant 50:50.


    1. It’s been so long. I wonder how I ever missed replying to the comments on this post.
      Yes, one is always way too much attached and is the one who takes forever to accept bitter truths.
      How’ve you been, Fionn?


      1. Don’t worry, Asha. I myself have been pretty bad at maintaining the blog for a while, and at responding to the comments too. Hopefully, it will go fine now, as the roadblocks are clear.

        I’m good. What about you? You’been writing and publishing quite a lot lately; I’ve been able to catch up on a few posts, mostly through your twitter handle. Keep writing! Will check out the other posts soon.


  2. Ohgosh this is really really goood! I don’t if I should say beautiful, cause obviously you’re a beautiful writer and that goes without saying, or if I should say that it’s heartbreaking? :’)
    It’s amazing work, without any doubts.❤


“I love writing. I love the swirl and swing of words as they tangle with human emotions.” ― James A. Michener

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