I drink from the pool

of self-made abyss

of the mortified bliss


I walk smeared in regrets

of past leftovers

of blasted makeovers


I roll in the sands of time

of one many lifetimes

of their forlorn rhymes


I follow the trails

of sanguine morrows

of deflated sorrows


I peel off yesteryears

off their vestiges

off eluded hopes

off surrendered dreams



Asha Seth

21 thoughts on “Until…

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  1. What an opener: I drink from the pool of self-made abyss… Hmm. That about sums it up for me– no wonder I’m always thirsty! Love the cadence, the structure, the concept– you made it easy to fall into a reverie. Always a pleasure to visit, like walking into the very best kind of old bookstore. Thanks, Asha, hope you’re well! 😊


  2. I love the rhyming, it had me in mind of a waterfall as I read, each rhyme crashing into the next, making a cacophony of ringing chimes each time.


      1. I am doing well, you know me, always trying to enquire and read, write and experience everything I can. I am trying to take less naps but it is hard in the summer heat.


        1. Naps help me start afresh and think anew. I love nap times. In summers, I’d rather turn the cooler on and nap away. I am also pretty much trying to do everything you’ve mentioned here.

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          1. It’s getting up to 41 degrees here and I find it difficult to work in the afternoons but getting up at around half five helps. If a nap is needed though, I am happy to oblige!


            1. The whole damn week has been around 45+ here. Couldn’t get worse than this!! I could nap all day, if I had the privilege to, just to escape the heat but I do look forward to my swimming hours and they so lift up my sinking, irritated moods.


              1. You could say they make you..buoyant! Thank you very much, I’ll be here all week.

                On a serious note though, I hope you can find time and positive moods, you deserve both of those in abundance.


                  1. An updae already, I have written three beginnings, decided the time of day for the first bit (the third beginning is wrong so needs a rewrite, but also that that the whole first bit of the third beginning may be better in flashback so, so far I am just confusing myself.


“I love writing. I love the swirl and swing of words as they tangle with human emotions.” ― James A. Michener

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