The Pen’s Plight

the night grows curious

as soon as she lights the lamp

she moves the chair in place

with a groan and a screech

it obliges

she picks up the pen

the ink resists the flow

refuses to let go

a violent jerk forces it to action


the pen gives into submission

but only to run blank on paper

leaving mad invisible scribbles

it breaks its heart

to see her yet hurting

words witness to her tears

she speaks to no one

but the pen knows all too well

it is her secret-keeper

her shoulder to cry on

how it hates

hates to have to ink

that one name

that’s left her broken

detests having to write

his story again and again

she is writing no more

drained she is

but the pen goes on

dripping venom


trying to get rid

of its own

helpless plight

before the end of the night


Asha Seth

33 Replies to “The Pen’s Plight”

  1. Asha, I love the words alive in your poem! There is an amazing beauty comes to life, touching my spirit, my soul! Simply beautiful! Your words are always embraced because of their living value! Hugs and blessings my sister!


  2. Wonderful work with words

    The pen is her heart
    The feeling is the ink
    Choked up and dried ink
    So intense and dark
    The pen gives up disposing the ink
    Still she moves the pen on paper
    Feelings are so intense
    To be etched on paper
    only scratches are seen


      1. I’m doing well. Now that it’s summer time I will have more time to relax. I’m still sorting through stuff, but now that I’m not working during the week I’ll have more free time for stuff like writing blogging, and so on. Aww I’ve missed you as well. Hope you are doing well.


  3. Love this, the beginning was such a visual evocation of that preparing to night write and I loved it. After that you create such an intensely emotional and dark poem, it is as beautiful and it is Gothic in its intensity. Bravo!


“I love writing. I love the swirl and swing of words as they tangle with human emotions.” ― James A. Michener

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