Day 499 – When Dad left for his Maker

The other day, a dog by the street side kept staring at me.  First, I thought he was hungry. So I fed him. But even then he had that look about him; a quizzical, strange look. I couldn’t name it. Was he trying to say something?

I had read somewhere that your departed communicate with you through other beings, like animals or birds. In Hinduism, animals such as crows, cows, dogs, are considered messengers of the departed souls wandering in afterlife. If you feed cows, your departed receive the offerings. If you worship crows, the God of Death, Yam, is pleased and he takes mercy on the wandering helpless souls.

Could it be that the dog was trying to convey some message from you?

It’s been so long now. Is it possible that you are trying to say something? Convey something? After all, the way it all happened, we didn’t even get a final word. So of course, there’s a lot to be said on both sides. And I stare back at the dog hoping he would take back my reply. ‘I miss you’, is all it says.

Your daughter.


2 Replies to “Day 499 – When Dad left for his Maker”

  1. Hugs Asha! There are signs and messages sent by the universe through mediums and according to our family beliefs, we feed pigeons after death which holds significance. Earlier, I wouldn’t believe but with time, feel there is a bigger power looking at us. I can sense people who matter and visiting me after they are long gone. As wild as it seems, the ice in my alcohol collapse which may be natural but read the sign of cheers thinking a friend passing away is his way to tell me, I am here and present with you. Keep the faith. Your Dad is with you.


“I love writing. I love the swirl and swing of words as they tangle with human emotions.” ― James A. Michener

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