The Thing about Betrayals

Someone once told me, the worst part about betrayals is – it comes from people you love most, trust most. But this morning I woke up feeling betrayed from a person I hardly knew. Someone who was around for only so long. Then why do I feel the way I feel this morning?

It is very odd because I don’t know how to overcome this feeling. I spent a good three quarters of an hour swaddling in the blanket, beating my brain to ward off that feeling. I wondered about books that have left me happier. I yearned for Alfey’s sloppy kisses that uplifted my mood. I reminisced about places that instilled a sense of poignant freedom. And yet, at the end of those blissful moments, that feeling was back. A feeling which cast a shadow over my heart. A feeling accompanying an emptiness. An emptiness chased by a known longing. A longing of peace from a betrayal of sorts.

I perform a zillion permutations and combinations to come up with reasons that could pacify my agitated mood. Why do I have feel this way – is the one question I am trying to answer here. How does one define if it really is betrayal? Is time a factor? In the sense that, whether you’ve been with someone for long or really short span of time? Do the expectations make a difference? Why should I be feeling this way if the relationship you had with them was say, just professional?

But then I heard my heart question me – is it not betrayal even if it comes from people who mean significantly very little to you? Is it not betrayal even if what you had, was perhaps, transient, and remained evasive to you? Is it not betrayal if one chooses their own welfare and walks out on you? Most importantly, is it not betrayal if one pretended to be something they never were?

As you see, I am still pondering as I write this. I have no answer. A part of me denies saying that I am attaching unwanted importance to those who never really were a part of my life. But a part of me does believe it to be a betrayal of sorts.

What do you think?


Asha Seth


3 thoughts on “The Thing about Betrayals

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  1. Everyone matters more to us than we care to admit. To do so would be to assume total vulnerability. We know, deep down, that we only matter completely to each other and God, and as since we are extensions of The Divinity, perhaps that is the same thing.


  2. The thoughts that you have pondered on, in this post are so well laid that I felt it all the same as you. Maybe betrayal doesn’t lean on anyone else for its being, maybe it’s all got to do with us. We say that we feel betrayed when it’s our expectations that someone else does not live up to, but our expectations arise out of our way of living, how much we we are willing to give, we seek the same. So betrayal comes when we realise I could have given so much more. Betrayal is the longing to overflow but when you’re cut off from the oceans.
    Beautiful post and thoughts, indeed.
    Was a pleasure to visit your blog. It’s pleasingly designed. Thank you.

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  3. I think you are right, it is all about one’s expectations. Time and distance are not really a factor. That said, what if people’s expectations do not match or cease to over time? Does that imply an unwitting betrayal by one party should wound less? Hmmm


“I love writing. I love the swirl and swing of words as they tangle with human emotions.” ― James A. Michener

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