What’s my Blogging Schedule for 2020?

How was January, reader? 

The first month has sprinted already only to make me realise how late I am with this post. But I am here nonetheless. I had a short-term goal of writing a post a day for all the 31 days of January. I did manage it but it left me tad exhausted. Plus, writing down a schedule needs serious consideration, which I wasn’t ready for. I had to take a bottle of beer and force myself to chart out the schedule and not procrastinate anymore.

My blogging schedule for 2020 is wee different from my schedule for 2019. And that’s because of the variation in blogging content for 2020. I have new sections added and some interesting things are due to happen. These were never a part of blog post plans in 2019. I am so very excited. Aren’t you? 😛

Without much ado, let’s look at what’s in it for you and when.


Book reviews, Bookish posts, Book Hauls.


Writing Inspiration, Writing tips and tricks


Micropoetry, Poetry – English, Hindi.


Travelogues, Photologs

That’s the plan and I hope to catch up with you on these days to know what you think, what you like or don’t. Don’t hesitate to share your honest opinion. I would love to know them all and interact with you, like I always do.

Question of the day

Do you have a blogging schedule? How often to do you post? Do tell.

Happy writing till we meet next.

Until then, carpe diem! 🙂


© Asha Seth

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10 Replies to “What’s my Blogging Schedule for 2020?”

  1. I admire you for planning to blog four days a week. I like that you’ve planned a different theme for each of the four. There is saying in the United States: Variety is the spice of life. I look forward to following your blog again this year and to see how your plan works for you.
    I have tried several schedules for my blog. For the last several years I’ve blogged every Monday. That has worked well for me. The first (or first and second) Monday’s I blog about the books I read the previous month. The remaining Mondays I mix topics up, including the craft of writing, Colonial American history, and #OnThisDay posts when blog day falls on the anniversary of an event in history. I plan my blog topics a year in advance, but I build in some flexibility. I find having a preset topic helps keep me on track and avoid a lot of panic!
    Good luck with your new plan!


    1. Planning a year in advance just sounds like such a massively perfect thing to do; one I can never manage. I am going to try and keep up with this plan for now, and for at least 6 months I’ll see what change is makes. I tend to change my schedules each year, and at times, even every 6 months. I believe we should promptly see what works for the blog and get rid of what doesn’t.


  2. That’s an impressive schedule!!! Seriously! Good luck to you. I’m sure you’ll do it as youve shown your commitment throughout January! I’m a very pale shadow but try to set down something once a week. That said, I’ve not being doing this too long, so, there’s atill a few areas I can write about yet 🙂


    1. The schedule is intimidating to say the least but I shall conquer. I hope to see more of your writing, Colin. The chances being newly immersed into something brings is exciting. I wish you luck too.

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