An Open Letter to My Readers

Tonight, I do not want to think about books.

I do not want to talk of blogging. I do not want to draft a new post. I do not want to pride myself over everything I’ve gained. I do not want to reminisce about the pleasures, failures, anxieties, or liberation writing got me. I do not want to do what I mostly do here.

Right now, I want to stray away from my routine talks a bit. Can I? Right now, I want to think of you, and only you. May I?

Of all of these seven years of blogging, more than once I was driven by the thought to give it all up. Hell, for 4 years out of 7 I’ve been mighty inactive and away for several reasons; mostly health and personal losses. At times, I dragged myself to get some writing done. And today, I am thinking how could I keep up when the urge to quit was so powerful?

It feels like only yesterday I wrote this blog post where I captured my initial thoughts as a new blogger.  God, how naive and nervous was I! And today I do not only blog here but share it with the wide world too through my Instagram and Youtube channels. Seems I have shed some of those initial jitters, finally!

I love writing and there’s no denying that. Whoever I am today, I am because of my love for the art. Whatever I make today for a living, it is because of my passion for writing. Honestly, I don’t know what I would have done with my life otherwise. But there were times when even my love couldn’t fuel my passion. In all those times, it was you who zapped me out of my lackadaisical regrets.

You drove me back on and your words, packed with power and selfless motivation, were kick enough to get the wheels rolling for me.

Today, thinking of everything I have done, I know this – it wouldn’t have been possible if not for you. You, & only you, made all the difference. Your love, your constant inspiration, your unconditional companionship, reduced my mental blocks to pieces. And today, if there is any joy I have gained from this journey, it is all because of you.

At the outset of the new year, I want to take this time to convey heartfelt gratitude to you, dear reader, for being by my side, as a true friend, a well-wisher, a confidante.

Know this, without you, this would have been just another inactive blog, and not the home to my words, as it has come to be, for all these years now.


Asha Seth

42 Replies to “An Open Letter to My Readers”

  1. You write so beautifully, it is a privilege to be a part of your writing world. I hope this means you won’t step away, but that you’ll stay with us a while longer.


  2. I also had been inactive here in the blog…and now I am without reader..even my devoted reader are not reading me…it seems they have forgot me…so take a break if you want but not so long…


  3. For me, blogging is a second religion. It’s as much about the air I breathe because its a part of who I am. Your voice is important like everyone is. I encourage you to keep on blogging because its something good for you in the crazy world we live in. Grace and peace.


  4. Well done. I feel the same way. It’s great to talk about what we think and do and so on, but it’s so special to get a comment or question. You keep doing what drives you. It’s what you’re meant to be doing. At least for now. All the best in 2020. ~Dave


  5. Ash, I think of you as my long lost soul sister , sibling , friend and somebody who is always there and know this , my wise kind friend , even tho I do not talk as often or as much , I am very much here , you have my back and I am grateful to you for being here , it’s a heartfelt heartwarming thing , your friendship. Thank you and I hope you and I find our happiness 🤗

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    1. Best are those who silently pray for you even if we do not know. I am happy for the blog to have found some really great friends. I hope 2020 brings a chance to catch up with you.
      Wishing you the best of everything!

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  6. Thank you to yourself for the very same reasons, you help keep me writing, you are supportive and encouraging, you challenge me and spur me on to write better. Keep writing my friend, and your readership will keep reading!

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    1. You always say the most fantastic things and I don’t know what I’d have done without your constant support. Which is why I mean it when I say, you are truly a wonderful wonderful person.

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      1. Well that support will be consistently constant because that’s how I roll. I’m excited for your future endeavours and am always on hand to help as needed. I think I mentioned that in my long email, I know you like to read so I didn’t feel guilty about writing lots.

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        1. I shall get back to you on the email bit, J. I was caught up with chores the whole weekend. I love to read your emails; although I wish those were handwritten. Nevertheless, the prospect of reading your words always excite me. You sure have been a terrific friend all these years and I am so glad for your company. I wish we could meet too this year. India on the horizon yet?

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          1. I answered your other comment but it didn’t pop up as pending so I hope that one (and this one) gets through. Take your time with the mail, I’m patient like that. I think I will have to look into hand written mails, probably when closer to you back in Ph, it does seem like a dying art form which is saddening. I have plenty to write to you, as always. We will need to start saving but I would love to come to India and have a guided tour by your wonderful self.


            1. Being your host upon my lands excites me much. I eagerly await the day. I expect handwritten notes then signed from PH. I still have Anna Karenina to be sent out to you. Ill try and make it happen soon. The shipping was ever so much and I was waiting for some loose coins on the finance front. Im bad with managing finances, at times.


              1. I think sending books should be free as it encourages education and inspiration. I will make sure I get my best handwriting on when we arrive back in Ph and hopefully some quality paper but I will see what I can find. I am excited for a trip to India, I really enjoyed the books I have read involving that land, and learned much. I am also eager to dip back into A Suitable Boy because it is such a gorgeous book!


                  1. Its not too bad, around 28, in April and May it will get to the low 40’s. ASB is well worth the initial effort. I really love the book the more I think about it.


  7. As a recent subscriber to your blog and a blogger since 2008 I have to say that I have enjoyed what I have read so far. It is definetly a challenge to write posts regularly, especially in a second language as is my case (I’m Portuguese). I mostly write about music (I’m a musicologist by profession) and my home island. Although I have been a bit away from it in the last couple of years, I’m part of a, we might call it a online magazine, about Portuguese music with at least 10 authors contributing to it. This project gave me a sense of involvement that I hadn’t in my personal blogs as a sole author, which for me was great as a means to find a writing routine.
    All best for your writing!

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    1. I think nothing compared to the feeling of happiness one experiences upon doing, pursuing what one loves to do, and therein also finding inspiration and solace. I hope you are able to reach yet greater heights with your music; which I am to checkout still.
      I agree with you, writing in second language comes with its own share of challenges and trials. Although, I always write in English it does not bring me the satisfaction writing in Hindi does. The joy is incomparable. So I feel you in that aspect of our lives.

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    1. Jerry, my friend, how have you been? It has always made me feel better to put out exactly what I feel without embellishing it. There’s a sense of contentment there.


“I love writing. I love the swirl and swing of words as they tangle with human emotions.” ― James A. Michener

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